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Final Height Guesses?

I have a lovely 2 year old Westfalen gelding that’s a late baby (June 29th). I purchased him when he was a few weeks old and absolutely adore him. His sire is ~17.1hh and his dam is around 16.1-2hh and very chunky. His older full brother (and the first of this cross) is a HUGE 17.2hh and appears to still be growing up, hasn’t really filled out yet. We measured my guy about 3 weeks ago and he was 15.3hh at the withers and 15.3 1/2hh at the butt. He is now again much more butt high then he was when we put the stick on him! Any guesses on where he’ll end up? I’m fluffier then I’d like and 5’8" with mostly leg so I worry about him not getting big enough for me. I think I’d feel comfortable if he was a chunky 16.2hh, but ideally a bit bigger would be nice! I’ve included some pictures from his most recent Young Horse Show and a picture of his pedigree. He truly checks all my boxes and will be my horse of a lifetime if he gets to the size I need. And even if he’s a bit smaller, I’ll just have to starve myself. :wink:

It sounds like he will be around or just over the height of his dam, which is more than tall enough for someone 5’8”. Have no fear!

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Thanks, I adore him and am always continuing to work on my fitness, so I think it’ll work out!

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I find “most” grow another hand after 24 months old. So you really should have a 16.2-16.3+ hand horse in the end. And some geldings do a really late growth spurt. I had one grow 6” from 4-7yrs old.

He is lovely. I am a bit taller than you and find heartgirth matters more than actual height to take up my leg. I have ridden 17+hand horses that were built like a 2x4 annd been uncomfortable , but have an 15h mare that takes up my leg perfectly because she is a tank.

And it sounds like he came from solid horses so he will get there eventually!

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I’m no expert but I wouldn’t panic. He’s only just two and has a good bit of growing time left. I love him!

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I find this to be true too regarding heartgirth. I am lucky enough to be able to hack an awesome ISH jumper mare who isn’t very tall, maybe 16.1hh on her best day, but has a HUGE barrel and I am extremely comfortable on her.

I am friends with his full brother’s owner as she’s local to me. She said he was smaller then she wanted when she bought him and had a huge growth spurt between his 3-4 year old year. Was about 16hh in his late two year old year and then just shot up! Give me hope too since Murphy isn’t even 2.5 yet!

Thank you, I do too! He impresses me more and more every day! :slight_smile: It’s been such a fun journey!