Final Results - Hip Pinch/Muscle Cramp during Lateral Work - UPDATE POST 8! I have answers!


So I finally got all my test results back from the past two months.

Blood work: ANA is positive for MCTD or Lupus (WINNER?)
X-rays: Perfectly Clear
Leg EMG: No Nerve Damage Detected
Brain MRI: Clear
Lumbar MRI: Osteoarthritis in Lumbar and lumbosacral junction (WINNER?)

I still have a brain EEG to do (neurologist is concerned about simple partial seizures due to possible lupus diagnosis and the tinnitus and unexplained hand tremors that B12 injection didn’t help), but I have a feeling with the positive ANA and the osteoarthritis we may have a winner for what has been causing me so much lumbar pain/leg weakness/hip problems. If I do have an inflammatory autoimmune condition PLUS damage to my lumbosacral junction, it could be causing swelling and nerve crankiness when I try to use my legs. Also might explain why my cane helps my lower back SO MUCH.

Oh AND I’ve lost my job. They took advantage of my probationary period to say that I’m “Not a good fit” when I was getting great reviews up to all this health stuff went down.

Thanks to everyone who provided suggestions and encouragement along the way!

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I am sorry you lost your job.

Many MS sufferers find relief with Evening Primrose Oil. It acts as an anti-inflammatory, it REALLY helped the osteoarthritis in my hands decades ago.

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Jackie, Thank you! My neurologist doesn’t think it’s MS given that my brain MRI was clear of any signs of lesions. They’re following the lupus/mctd path for now. But I’ll look into evening primrose oil!

Evening Primrose Oil is not just for MS. My husband has gout and takes it. It is supposed to be good for the female reproductive system. You can use it for all sorts of inflammatory conditions.

We find it in the Women’s Health section of the Walmart pharmacy, not in the herbal section.

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Well, that’s crap about your job. I’m sorry.

I just had microdiscectomy surgery after having my lower legs be numb for the last ~5 months - we couldn’t nail down the diagnosis until my MRI.

Anyway, the absolute only thing that helped pre-surgery was my osteopath doing Craniosacral therapy. I wasn’t super enthusiastic beforehand as it seemed a bit too far out in left field for me, but it gave me 4 days of relief. Not sure if it’ll help the Lupus side, but maybe the arthritis?

I’ve been following your story, so thanks for the update! Hopefully you’ll get some relief soon.


Thankfully mine isn’t that bad (yet?) but I’ll talk to the doctor about that type of therapy. Thanks for the suggestion and good wishes!

Well the spine doctor has given up and referred me to the chronic pain clinic. Apparently the OA isn’t enough to explain my issues and is very mild/normal for someone at my age. I can’t imagine the lupus or the fibro causing such direct spot of pain right there. Unlike every other tender point I have, this is in an area of mostly bone, not deep muscle tissue, and it causes neuropathic pain (compared to muscle/fascia pain). At a loss at this point.


I finally got into the CPM Clinic. I’m Hypermobile and have SI Joint Dysfunction! So yeah, we have diagnoses! Going to be referred to get tested for EDS/MCTD (this would make SO much more sense for the IBS/Migraines/Fibro/CFS being secondary conditions).

Glad you finally have answers! What is the treatment plan for SI joint disfunction?

With the Evening Primrose Oil, just be aware that it is a very powerful phytoestrogen. I have lupus and am post-menopausal but not allowed to take supplemental estrogen.

I heard great things about how flax oil is good for you, so I started taking it. Six months later, I started bleeding. Gyno finds thickened uterine lining and has to do D&C. (Luckily no cancer). When he heard I had been taking the flax seed oil, he wanted to smack me upside my head. I didn’t realize it was a phytoestrogen, hence the problem.

This might not apply to you, but definitely check in with your doctors, including your gyno, before you start taking any supplements.

P.S. If you do have lupus, please feel free to PM if you want to talk or have questions. :kissing_heart:

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It’s likely caused by a combination of hypermobility and my fall I had last year. They think my SI Joint is slightly off kilter which is causing the pain (basically it no longer perfectly lines up with it’s spot). I’m not sure about treatment. Most of the initial visit was discussing strengthening and relaxing/stretching of muscle to reduce the load of having hypermobile joints.

Thanks for the tips!

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