Find me a sire? Help me consider showjumping stallions

So this is a bit theoretical. I’ve seen breeding go so wrong for friends (lost both mare and foal) I’m not sure I’ll ever have the bottle to do this.

Mare - small, iberian, lovely form over a fence. Competed and qualitified affiliated championships. Jumped huge fences on occasions not as part of a course. Standard dcs 90 - 1m.10.

A pleasure in all ways to enjoy and for amateur competitions (league winner with 2 riders).

Trail riding, handling, looking after amateurs… can be left for ages and rides the same.

Sweet nature. Very pretty (shown successfully as riding horse). Sire has good record. Lovely movement. Easy to manage with weight. Very sound and clean legged as she enters teens after a busy schedule. Good to handle all ways. Loves people.

Would love to breed a horse with all-rounder/sj potential. But a nice ‘person’ of sound build would be a priority. Would be for me to keep but as with mare have handed competitive ride to others to get best from horse and would again. To me any horse bred should have wide appeal and be suited to pleasure horse - competition horse life in case, heaven forbid, I wasn’t here to care for them.

So in theory can you help to find me a stallion that is (accessible to european breeder):

Absolute max 16.2 and prefer smaller since she is small.
Dark - black brown Bay poss chestnut just really wouldn’t want to risk a grey
Performance record for jumping with a particularly neat behind as mare is neat in front and ok behind.
Probably longer through the neck as she is short
Bold to spooky fences as she is so careful if she spooks she stops…she just can’t touch a pole…
Sound of nature and body?

This is all very theoretical but I value your input and I’d love some thoughts. No guarantee I’ll ever have the courage to risk the mare and act just wondering what is out there.

Budget unlimited if I did this since am very aware the stallion is the cheapest part - nothing ruled out! Show me everything!

Thank you.

Is she registered? Do you know any of her lines? Can you include a picture or describe her conformation/what needs to be improved? These things would really help with suggestions.

You can always use a surrogate mare if you don’t want to risk your mare. It is an easy way to bleed money, though.

I have a lovely colt by Contendro I, so I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.


The Spanish put TB blood on a PRE to improve athleticism. There is a nick as Iberian and barb is at the root of TB.

If you want some fun, look at where they have a smorgasbord of stallions for multiple purposes. They are highly experienced at getting viable straws around the world.

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Have you considered a Connemara? You can’t go wrong considering the history on the breed. I may have missed if you wanted a height increase. There is an anglo arab in the states, fully approved. There us a stallion in BC that us predominantly TB. Will look up his name.

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My first thought is a trakehner to give add a longer neck while keeping the qualities you want and giving you a bit more predictable outcome than a TB. Abendantz is who I would think of first, he is black and16.1, but quite a compact and neatly built horse. He comes from showjumping lines and Abendantz himself is a good jumper who showed to GP level and is very clean behind. He is currently top one or two Trakenher sires for show jumping. But he’s also a well above average mover and he has thrown some very good dressage offspring too, he’s known as a sire of both. And he’s in the US now, and his fee is quite reasonable.

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Thank you all for your help and advice! Love abendantz and his size definitely appeals. For info here is mare in question. She’s a very light iberian as you can see.

Here’s my girl in trot