Finding clipping services?

I can’t find clipping services anywhere. :o I can’t clip my aqha to save my life. I need a professional for show season but I have none around me or I can’t find them. I live in WA. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I think I’d go to a show and cruise the stall area asking around, or learn to clip better myself.

I’ve had to do a full body clip on the old Cushing’s guy every year now and have discovered that a sharp blade is invaluable, this is my 4th time to do it and with a sharp out of the box blade and a sharp spare, a clean horse and a clipping plan in my head in case I had to quit in the middle (trace clip, both sides neck, both sides hindquarters, barrel to finish up) it was pretty easy and looked neat and workmanlike. I went back and did legs the next day and they didn’t look too bad either.

Andis puts a how to video in the box and there may be some on Youtube, practice makes perfect. Dull blades will make a mess of your best efforts so make certain they are sharp!

I’m no direct help, - diagonal opposite end of the country… But would suggest that you also post the question on the Pleasure Horse forum, and also w/ a more specific location. They have a boatload of people on there who show paints and AQHA. Also have you tried area tack stores? Any local breed organizations? Hunter/jumper organizations?

I bought a pair of lister star clippers. I am a beginner at clipping myself. I didn’t have much of an idea of what I was doing but it turned out great! Within 1 week there weren’t any lines at all. I also watched some body clipping videos on youtube.

I put ads on my local Craigslist with WANTED: Someone to bodyclip horse. I have found some good people that way. Of course, ask for references!