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Finding Particular OTTB Racehorses

I have been frustrated trying to track down where particular OTTB horse/horses might be.

I had an OTTB mare I LOVED that I rode in High School (class of 1985 I am afraid to say…:eek:) AND I have several OTTB broodmares that I LOVE AND I have a couple of competing upper level TB mares that I love to watch go (and covet…), and I would like to see if I can purchase one of those mares’ half or full siblings or one of their great-great-nieces, etc. On pedigreequery & Equibase and similar sites, I can find if the mare’s dam or sire has other progeny and the names of those horses and of their progeny, but that is usually as far as I am able to get. I have been then unable to track down where any existing relatives might now be. Even if a particular horse listed on pedigreequery or equibase, etc. has the name of a breeder, owner or farm listed, the racehorse industry farms & owners do not seem to have websites for the most part.

Any ideas? This might be another way for OTTBs to find more good homes? Will cross post on the TB racing forum. Thanks!

Do you use the virtual stable feature? I’ve been able to keep track of where certain horses are training or racing and who’s running them. If I particularly wanted a horse, I’ve got a few hours notice when it’s running in a claiming race. I also know what tracks they’re at and have had CANTER representatives ask about certain horses for me in the past.

You can call the jockey club, they may be able to help if the horse was registered? Its pretty tricky though.

I usually keep an eye out on second start and the other rescue sites for relatives or siblings or offsping of particular lines I like.

The jockey club has a program where people can fill out a form for a horse they would be interested in purchasing or providing for in the even the horse’s owner(s) need to find it a new home. I believe it’s called Thoroughbred Connect. Anyway, it might be something to try.