Finding Racehorse’s Breeder

Im not knowledgeable in the world of racehorses, so I’m hoping someone can help me out.

Ive been interested in learning about my ottb’s history and getting pictures from his younger days. (I do have one winners circle photo of him) I’ve searched my horses pedigree for years trying to find contact information to his breeders but I can’t find anything anywhere! I know the names of the people who bred him but nothing pops up. I also have the name of who last bought him. Is there any way I can find contact info somewhere or just by word of mouth?

My horses name is King Congo, born in 2006 by Congaree x Hansels Star

From his pedigree:

Breeder : Christine, J. & J. Mamakos

Searched Christine Mamakos and found a Christine Hicklin Mamakos on Facebook. You could try sending a friend request there.


Gainesway consigned him when he was sold as a yearling. They may have contact info for the breeder and/or know where he was raised. You can get that information and his chart by chart race record free on