Finger Amputation

Long story short, I had a crush injury to my hand last fall and have pretty much re-written the book on complications since. I am now facing the possibility of having to amputate my index finger and corresponding metacarpal. I am an eventer, so being able to hold, slip and gather my reins is important! Any riders out there riding with this type of amputation? I could really use to hear you stories and what your challenges and success were and if there were any “tools” you found to help.
Thank you!

I am really sorry to hear that. I do not personally have experience, but my brother had his index finger amputated after a crush injury as well. He is not a rider, but a bow hunter and he was very distressed about how the loss of his finger would affect his grip strength for hunting, as well as everything else.

The only thing I can really offer is that he did adjust pretty quickly, and was able to gain strength in the rest of his hand to help accommodate for the loss of his index finger. In his case, it was a severe injury so the amputation took place only a week later, so your recovery might be very different.

I would imagine others who have grip strength issues might have suggestions for rein control, even if they don’t have an amputation. Best of luck to you!