First camping weekend with the new trailer -

When ![]( went out to hook up my new trailer, one tire was flat. My husband found that it had a plug that was leaking, so I ran over to the tire store and got one new tire on that rim. (…first bad choice of the weekend…).

We finally got on the road and arrived at the horse camp at about noon. It took a zillion tries to get both trucks and trailers wangled into the campsite, but we got it done (I might have hollared a time or two). It started raining, which really made me appreciate the awning, so we decided to visit the swimming hole down the river from our site. As soon as we got there, the sun came out, so we decided to ride up to the big swim spot, two miles up the trail. We all rode bareback in swimsuits, which was really fun. The water was cold, but it is an amazing spot.

We had a great night Saturday night. I love the trailer - showering after riding, and getting up and brushing my teeth and making coffee is the BEST, esp at a primitive camp.

We decided to ride to the waterfall Sunday morning, and my buddy Robin took a really hard fall off her horse, River. It was so scary. She had the breath knocked out of her and didn’t move for about five minutes. I really thought she was terribly injured, but she seems okay, just sore. After she was up and talking, I sent the kids on to the waterfall, and Robin and I were going to walk back to camp. After a few minutes, though, she decided she was okay to ride on, so we caught up with the kids, and the waterfall was great.

On the drive home, I had a trailer tire blow out (that sounds like a bomb going off, I had no idea), and it took out the fender on my horse trailer. We were so lucky though, an amazing couple stopped, and the man and Chris had that tire changed in about three minutes. I love my trailer buddy contraption!

Pics -








Beautiful location!

What tires are you using on the trailer and how old are they?


I’m not sure - but the date on them is '06. I knew they needed to be replaced - not from wear, but from lack of use. It exploded.

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get a membership to US Rider. check all the other tires for dry rot. what size trailer is it? Make sure the tires are E rated or better as it looks pretty big

Glad you had a great time other than the issues. Love the scenery and welcome to the world of camping! It’s a great one.

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Wow! What a beautiful family and park scenery! The waterfall photo was my favorite! Congratulations on the new trailer and hobby!

I’m sure they are all dry rotted. New tires are my first stop, next time we leave our driveway.

It’s just a three horse with small LQ, not too big. It’s tall though - because my 13-year-old is 6’4", that was a necessity. That’s his girlfriend in the pics - quite a leap to take her camping with us, but I think keeping them involved with horses and family is a worthwhile trade-off. My friend brought her trailer too, so they were camping separately, obviously. They both said they want to go twice a month, which is pretty cool. I’m looking at all the places we can camp nearby.


Where did you camp? Trails look great and that waterfall is awesome…

Big Creek Horse Camp - it’s just off the Waterville Road exit (451, I think) on I-40. The TN/NC line is right there.

It’s a great one or two night spot, because there is only the one main trailhead; it wouldn’t be a great place for a long stay, if you wanted to cover some miles and variety.

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Do your research first… if you just get whatever the tire place suggests, you’ll be back in the same situation having blowouts. (They’re used to selling boat trailer tires. Horse trailers, with a live load, are a different animal entirely.)

At least load range E – and please say it has 16" wheels (my 3H does not, only 15", but it doesn’t have a LQ.) From there you get to consider tire manufacturers.

Awesome pics! I loved the ones of the waterfalls!

If anyone is going to Big Creek Horse Camp, this page has a big map and detailed directions right near the top of the page. Hope that helps!

Loved the smores pics!!

Aw, this was a blast from the past! Those kids are now college seniors, I’ve moved up to a full LQ, and my beautiful mare passed at 28, last year. Good memories!