First charles owen gr8 vs ayr8

So I have made the decision I am going to purchase a charles owen helmet. I am stuck between the choice of the gr8 or the ayr8. I unfortunately cannot try on any because none of my tack stores near by stock them. I have a more oval shaped face is there a specific one which fits better? and what are your opinions on both helmets?

I was told by Bit of Britain that all Charles Owen helmets ate designed to fit a slightly different head shape. Both the GR8 and the AYR8 fit me fairly well, but the SP8 helmet with the large brim really hurt my head. I prefer the AYR8 because it has a few vents where the GR8 doesn’t.

Ayr8, it’s not worth it at all to get a gr8 unless you live somewhere where it’s cold year round. Literally no ventilation, and almost no ventilation in the Ayr8. Personally at the same price range I would go for a oneK because they have ventilation.

OP, do you mean head or face?

Can you order from a place that offers free returns or exchanges? Helmet fit varies wildly, and while I can say I have an oval-ish head and the GR8 fits me well…I’ve never tried on an AYR8 and have no idea if it will fit the same. And the sizing is important as well, even between models of the same brand.

I have had both and while they both fit me well, I do like the fit of the AYR8 better as it almost seemed to be a little deeper on my head. As far a venting goes, I would honestly just go with whichever one you like better. The venting in the AYR8, at least IMHO, did not make a huge difference, but that really didn’t bother me. I have worn them both in Southern summer heat and been fine. But I really really like CO and have had 3 (a GR8 and 2 AYR8s) and will most likely get another when the time comes to replace them! (: