First time for filly - first race = WHATTA WAY to break a maiden

RACE 4 PROGRAM 6-15-2021 - YouTube
Race video of my years ago friend Kyle’s first foal winning her first time at the track!
Purple silks #3, stumbled a bit out of the gate then shows that she’s not afraid to run in front!

Lady Dyanaformer Wins First Start at Belterra (

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Congratulations to your friend! That was well done. The filly will run even better when she learns to switch her leads. :slight_smile:

Congrats to your friend!

I’ve been following Kyle and Dyana for a long time now. He used to board at the barn I board at. Dyana is not only stunning but has a heart of gold! I’m so looking forward to the rest of her career!

Thank you for the shout-out Joan! I still remember you helping me make the decision to buy Freja back in 2014. Without that push, I may never have ended up with my first racehorse and first Stakes producing mare :wink: Dyana ran a game third in her second start and step up to Stakes company. I wish the weather had cooperated for the turf, but maybe next race we’ll get that shot.

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And you said you were only going to breed once :rofl: Me too, ended up with 4 babies. I looked up Include - you have a type , then I read he’s a filly producer hahahaha I favor the 3X Turn-To. the TB mare I bred her grandsire was Turn To Mars.

I’ve been quietly watching since your FB is public. So Proud of you and Dyana.

She can come from behind and she can run in front. That’s huge. She has a ground covering powerful stride. When she gets those changes so she doesn’t tire one side she’ll be ready… So glad to see you in the money 2nd time out and in the black type! So many more experienced horses and she stands out amongst them.

And I found you on feedstore bulletin board on a scrap of paper all horse lonely. :crazy_face: