First Time in Tryon- what to see, eat, do?

Heading to Tryon for some of Spring shows.
We all know that we horse show for the love of the horses, but we also love good meals and activities.
What are some of your favorite spots on and off-campus?
Would love to know what you crave and what you’d skip!

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There is really fun ziplining nearby!

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The Mexican cantina place on site is the best bang for your buck for lunch. It’s not terribly expensive and is tasty and filling. I’ve eaten at the sushi place on site for dinner and it’s not bad (but admittedly, I do not go to many sushi places).

There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot to see or do around there, but the only times I’ve been have been for Pony Club championships, where we’re at the park from 6am to 6pm and often just grabbing a pizza or something else quick for dinner on the way back to our AirBnB. We did go to a pretty good BBQ place on route 108 in Columbus - Mountain View BBQ and Deli. It’s very close to a TSC if you need anything there.

The Mexican place is great for lunch, and we eat a lot of dinners at Legends, it’s been reliably good over the years but will be jam packed before the Grand Prix’s FYI. Roger’s is fine too. The Italian place is notoriously slow with service, so don’t go there if you are in a hurry! Off-property, Rural Seed is a good option, about 10 minutes away.

Edited to add - the sushi place apparently just reopened with a new chef who is supposed to be good, so that may be worth checking out now!

Take a field trip to the main Farm House in Landrum - it is close by and they have a huge inventory, and a sale room that sometimes has amazing buys. I got a Grand Prix show coat for like $70 there once. And there are cute little restaurants in Landrum.


The Hare and Hound in Landrum is one of my favs!


Thhhaaank You!
These are the fun threads that I love reading about… we have so many people on here that you get suggestions that you might have never known before!

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Forest City has a video arcade museum that’s a hoot. You can play all the old games there. My husband and kids loved it.


That would be my first stop. Never been to the store but for years I enjoyed shopping on line or by phone with them, they have just about everything you could want in every size and color, their inventory is huge.

The Farm House was my first off-site stop on my first trip to Tryon.

I’m going this summer and will be staying at one of the on site cabins (a 3-bedroom). Anything I should know beforehand? I’ve never been to Tryon before

Oh! And some of my young barn mates tell me there’s a creek on the property where they go swimming/tubing, but I’ve never found the creek myself.

In tryon proper is Huckleberry’s, which I’ve eaten at several times and it’s always been good. The town is cute too.

Farm house tack is of course worth driving to.

The Mexican cantina on the showgrounds is surprisingly good.

If you have a day off, drive up to Asheville or go hiking at one of the fabulous parks in the area. Do note though that on work days the traffic going into Asheville can be brutal.

Is the diner not there anymore? The one time I went with a friend who was competing AEC’s there was a really great diner with great food and prices.

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Roger’s (mentioned in one of the earlier posts above) is the diner, it is still there and still popular. They will also do orders to go.