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Fit of Rambo Supreme Vs. Wug - And Does My Clipped Horse Need Full Neck Coverage?

Rambo Wugs fit my TB with high withers and large shoulders but I am doing a full body clip this year. Does he need full neck coverage? I am considering doing the $100 trade in to get the Supreme with a full neck attachment. However, I fear that the Supreme won’t fit as well as the Wug and I haven’t found the neck attachments to be very durable on Rambo fly sheets. Thoughts?

My horse’s primary wardrobe consists of an unlined Wug, Smartpak Medium weight with mid-neck, and a Heavy vari-layer Wug. He does have a “turnout hood” by SnuggyHoods to cover his entire neck but it’s not insulated or anything–it just offers some protection from the elements–mainly mud. :lol:

I live in Indiana and my horse is out 24/7 with hay unless he wants to come in or if the weather gets bad.

Thanks for any input. I think I’m just worried because this is my first time doing a full body clip!

I tend to like full neck coverage with a clip, but it also depends on the horse and your weather patterns. Our winters tend to be wet and windy, so the extra coverage is a good idea.

It’s not generally an absolute must if you can keep him in in really bad weather (assuming you’re clipping soonish so he’ll have time to grow some hair back, and that you’re not in a part of the country where it’s below freezing pretty much all winter.) But it’s really nice to have the option.

I like the extra coverage of the supremes. I’ve always had a regular neck or high neck sheet since normally it’s a bit warmer when they are sheeted versus mediums or heavies. But yesterday I traded my amigo high neck for a supreme. I already have the supreme medium and supreme heavy. Very pleased.

Thank you all for the replies. I’m still worried about the Supreme rubbing so I just did a modified high trace clip as a compromise for now. I can’t afford to gamble on the Supreme because if it didn’t work, I’d be stuck with it. I wish I had gotten the heavy weight combo last year but I just got the Wug. Oh well! I also learned that some people layer a fleece Snuggy Hood under their turnout hood so I’ll be doing that too.

I do a full body clip on my cushings horse, and he wears a Wug midweight. His sheet is a Mio, and it rubs like crazy. The mid is a high neck and he’s little so it covers well, but his heavy is a Rider’s International with a neck, which is gigantic. The Wug and the heavy don’t rub. Honestly, I’ve never had an issue with Rambos rubbing!

As for full coverage… I am paranoid about him being cold, even though my barn tends to over-blanket. I like the ability to pull the neck off if I want, though if it’s cold enough that he needs his heavy, I feel like he probably needs the neck too!

For me the Supremes fit larger than the Wugs. Which having a draftx, the Supremes work out better for me, but perhaps not with a TB.

I have a high withered TB and have the Supreme. He gets full body clipped each year and I’ve never had a problem. He tends to run hot so I think we only used the hoods maybe once or twice last year (He is on stall board). I think a hood is a handy thing to have but we ended up not using it as much as you would think.

This year I got my new TB the Rambo Original with leg arches with detachable hood and it fits him well. He just got clipped yesterday and have the feeling he runs along the same lines as my other.

For both horses we use the Rambo liners with their blankets and we’ve never had a problem with them.

In my experience, wide-chested horses work better in the supreme or original and narrower horses (tb’s or more modern style warmbloods0 work better in the wugs. I’ve found the young horses that are still narrower up front fit much better in the wugs than any other blanket