Fitting a Rubber Figure 8?

Does anyone have experience with one? Do you need to “break-in” the rubber at all? This is what I have.

I bought a cob-sized Nunn Finer rubber Figure 8 Noseband for my large pony jumper. She definitely needs cob-sized tack, as she can fit, but absolutely swims in horse sized bridles. However, when I got my rubber figure 8 in the mail it was too small :confused: I guess I thought the rubber would be a little more stretchy, but never would have thought it wouldn’t fit? Do you have to break in the rubber? It is kinda hard to stretch… makes me think of one of those exercising bands you put your foot through and pull up… except smaller diameter.

Instead of rubber, I would look into the elastic figure 8, I know Equipe makes one. I feel like the rubber would degrade much quicker, especially if it is being repeatedly stretched.

In my experience, Nunn Finer’s cob size runs very small. I would try a different brand.

Thanks, to both of you, on the input. I’m just going to return it. The Equipe elastic figure 8’s aren’t necessarily in my price range, or so the ones I’ve found. And GingerJumper, yep, that’s what conclusion I’ve come to, just surprised!
Now to find a quality figure 8 within budget!

I’m not sure I would like my figure 8 to be so flexible. I’d want the mouth closed.

In my experience, Nunn Finer’s cob size runs very small. I would try a different brand.[/QUOTE]

This. My large pony wears a cob in everything. Nunn Finer’s cob is WAY too small for her.

thanks all, yea I was so surprised it didn’t fit and a little taken aback. I’m definitely going to try a different brand and steer away from the rubber figure 8’s - back to a traditional. Originally, I thought it would be great for her bc she currently salivates a lot! and slimes her current flash. I thought the rubber would be easier to clean.