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Fix lumpy boots after wetting to break in?

I got a pair of DeNiro dress boots β€” they are beautiful and I love them, just wicked tight. I decided I was brave and tried out the break in method of wetting the boots and then wearing them until dry. They felt great but when I took them off I noticed the shin is now lumpy.

Have I screwed them up and put wrinkles in there forever or is there a way to get the shins back to crisp and push those wrinkles even more into the ankle??

So much for being adventurous :sweat_smile:

Lumpy how? Can you take a pic? I would suspect they’ll be fine once you wear them more! I love my DeNiros.

The thing about the bathtub method is you have to force the wrinkle at the ankle by sliding them down a bit throughout the day. You may have to repeat the process to move them down to the ankle but all is not lost.