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Fixes for footing in outdoor arena

Disclaimer: I know nothing about footing or arenas or drags and am just a boarder. We got new footing in our jumping arena but it’s definitely too deep (see pic 1 and pic 2). Any suggestions for fixes that involve just grooming techniques?

The barn manager is a hands off type who got paid by an asphalt company to dump their extra sand on the property. The arena had just been rained on and dried out very hard and uneven with many dips where the puddled lakes had been and the asphalt company just spread the sand around on top. The original footing was already too deep in some areas whenever it was harrowed (see pic) and too shallow when only the surface was raked (see pic). It looked almost like this (see pic) but was dry and rock solid before they spread the new stuff.

I’m the only jumper in the barn and the only one who uses this arena. Manager would not be open to any serious or invasive work. But the maintenance guy who grooms the arenas is willing to work on it for me. Neither of us really know what to do though. Help?

You need to remove the sand from the deep area. This will involve renting machinery if they don’t have it. There really is no other solution. If the base is good and graded properly and there are low areas, bring the deep stuff to the shallow areas. Or just make a big pile somewhere else.