Flag bearers at Closing Ceremonies

For Canada, my vote is for Andre De Grasse (track) and Jesse Fleming (soccer/football).

I wonder who is going to be around for the closing ceremonies. I had the impression that as soon as their event is over, the athletes ship back home (covid protocols?). I think I heard Carl Hester say something about that.


I think you’re right - I know the US eventing team is already home, and I’m fairly certain the gymnastics team is as well. Seems like they’re not wasting any time getting people back home.

yeah, that make sense. now that i think about it, i think the Canadian athletes are required to leave within 24 hours of the end of their event.

So the only athletes who can attend the closing ceremonies are those who competed on the final day or two? That will be a pretty sparce, sad looking closing ceremony.

The dressage and eventing teams are already home. Nice video of Gio bucking and bouncing around his field. All Team GB eventing members are riding multiple horses at Somerford Park this weekend.

According to CAS athletes had to depart within 48 of their last event. At least that was the rule a few weeks before the start of the Games.

Maybe they could do virtual flag bearers. Not wanting to get political, but at the 2020 convention the Democratic Party had a virtual roll call of the states that was very cool. Each state prepared a brief video highlighting its qualities. So maybe each country could select an athlete who could appear in uniform, maybe say a few words.

there are far more athletes at the closing ceremonies than I would have expected.

Maybe those who competed within 3 or 4 days of the closing ceremonies were allowed to stay.

That would make sense since there are no more coming in.

They should have just put up this clip.