Flashback courtesy of Poshmark

Was persuing Poshmark for some riding stuff and came across this listing.

I was in shock. That vest is what I had, in 1990. VERY old. And much improved upon since then!!!

Anyone wondering what 80’s-early 90’s era vests looked like… here ya go.


Hysterical! (Are you suggesting my vest circa 1995 isn’t good enough anymore? LOL) (also yes, I still use it when I have to wear a vest)


Darn, and it is not like they are selling it for crazy cheap.


Damnit Chris. I can send you one of my “used lightly” Tipperary’s

All you have to do is ask.


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It’s the description that does it for me - “only used 2 times!” [but so old it will turn to dust if you hit the ground in it]


Hahaha - mine’s actually better than the Tipps but I do need to get a new one. I rarely wore it when I was eventing seriously; these days even less. Maybe I should sell it on Poshmark! I even have a matching hat cover - that won’t fit any helmet these days.

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Incredible :joy:

I’m always mildly fascinated at how people value their things for resale. Like this is 30 year old safety equipment that is probably not safe at all anymore, but wanting several hundred because it was custom… yeah, custom to YOU, but not for me!

It’s like people selling their wedding dress. “Dress retails for $2000, but I had $800 of alterations done so you’re getting a deal at $2500! (dress hasn’t been dry-cleaned - but here’s photos of our barefoot outdoor wedding at a dairy farm! How cute!)”


This year I retired my vest Tipperary bought the year before the USEA (then USCTA) required them. I think that was around 1994. The only reason I replaced it was the zipper was a little hitchy and sometimes took a minute to get it up past the first couple of teeth–which was agonizing prior to a XC ride. I guess 25 years or so works out pretty well for costs per wear…


My daughter’s dress was almost $800 to DRY CLEAN! I wonder if I should include that in the resale?

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Yep - I considered buying a second-hand dress for my wedding, but unless the measurements are perfect already, it’s been dry-cleaned, and they live locally (because shipping, especially with insurance can rival that of saddles!) I found most people didn’t want to sell their dress at enough of a discount to truly make it worth your while.

I just bought this great old Miller’s hunt coat for a few bucks on shopgoodwill.com. It’s a wool/Lycra blend in dark green with subtle thin red, blue and cream stripes.

My girls are basically retired, but this would be fine for our local schooling shows. If nothing else, it will look great with jeans!


I had this vest in green. I think I sold it on ebay over a decade ago. Technology has come a long way.

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We had similar ones for the team I rode on in HA (1990-1994), only I seem to remember almost a higher collar. I never wore one - when I tried them on, the back edge was so high and hard it felt more than just uncomfortable.