Flexor Tendon Contraction

Hello everyone!

I am very new to this site, but I am seeking advice from anyone who will give it to me.

As a little background I have a 7 year old Quarter Horse Gelding. He was in extremely good shape when the initial injury happened. On April 23/ 2015 At the facility I board him (BeerKat) at, he was set out to pasture for part of the summer instead of the runs he was typically in. While he was in the pasture he some how became entangled in the fence. His injury was extremely severe and he ended up severing his extensor tendon right down to the bone right on the attachment site at the top of the rear right leg.

He was coming along very well, and the wound as well as the tendon was starting to regain movement and strength. About 3 weeks ago we had a set back. The vet believes the flexor tendon has started to contract. He is having an extremely hard time putting full weight on the leg.

I have been advised by the vet to keep the leg wrapped and stabilized. I have also been given exercises to hopefully loosen up the tendon. I cold hose him every day and work his leg twice to three times a day for 20-25 minutes.

Our next step will be laser treatment and he is going to the facility this coming weekend (June 20/2015).

I am wondering if anyone has dealt with a similar injury? What was the success rate? Am I putting him through all of this rehab when there is no light at the end of the tunnel? Is laser a decent treatment option? Any excercises people have had success with?

Any help would be amazing and very very appreciated. This horse is my whole life, and I want the very best for him.
Thank you.