Flightline's Odd Marking

What is the small white mark on Flightline’s right side of his neck? Almost like he’s 1/50th overo, but how does it get on a TB? Color genetics fascinate me.

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No idea of the pedigree but go far enough back in the history of TBs and the range of colours is startling. There were animals such as “Lord Oxford’s Bloody Shouldered Arab”, the “Oxford Dun” or the “White Legged Lowther Barb” so there was a lot of variety in the gene pool. It was the 19th century fashion preference for “hard” colours that ensured the TB became predominantly bay or chesnut (note lack of ‘t’) in Britain. Even today, a TB that has an unusual colour or markings may sell for a lower price in the auction ring. American breeders have always been more open-minded about coat colours and chrome.


He doesn’t appear to have the marking as a yearling, I wonder if it’s scaring, and if it’s related to his other injury?


He did crash though a fence. It’s probably scar tissue.
It was not there when he was sold as a yearling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QX5BOsAlDQ


Watch :tv: Is this the worlds strangest looking racehorse? (justhorseracing.com.au)

I’ve seen Saluki race a few times (America’s Day At The Races). Unfortunately, her speed isn’t as spectacular as her markings.

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His particular case seems to have been addressed, but (frame) overo has been in the TB breed for a while. It’s a very limited line, but think Racey Remarque, Remarquez, etc, and I think another line.

That said, “Overo” is technically anything that isn’t Tobiano (or Appaloosa), so it includes all the White (previously dominant white) mutations, of which there are a LOT in the TB breed alone. Why/how? W is on the KIT gene, which happens to be pretty unstable and mutates a lot. It’s responsible for Tobiano, Roan, and White of which there are well over 30 known mutations (not all are in the TB). Many of those W mutations could easily put on odd body white (but not this case).


Saluki’s dam Colorful Seattle is by the stallion Airdrie Apache, whose dam Not Quite White is the originator of the W22 White mutation. A whole lot of his offspring are wildly marked.

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There are lots of possibilities for white markings in TBs. We bred a filly (by Animal Kingdom o/o an Afleet Alex mare) who looked like this.



you can also get white hairs after ringworm infections. I have seen horses with perfect white circles on their bodies

You can see the scars that he incurred from his accidents quite well, here; https://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/videos/264217/flightline-arrives-at-keeneland

Not that I participate in the racing forum often, but if you guys ever have more that come out looking like this - hit me up. :raising_hand_woman:

I breed APHA and our pedigrees are in dire need of new blood. I know a ton of people, myself included, who would love to add something like this to our genetics - regardless of track performance.

We’ve had a number of TBs pop up with white genetics, this is my 5 y/o who is a granddaughter of Racey Remarque. 1/2 QH, 1/2 TB… all APHA.