FLIR camera for saddle fit?

I was just browsing infrared cameras that fit on your cell phone, thinking about finding hot and cold leaks around the house when I had a thought…

Has anyone tried to use these to look at your horse’s back after a ride to check saddle fit? Seems like a decent investment for a stable, they aren’t too expensive, considering the technology. I have multiple horses and multiple saddles, wanted to know if anyone else had tried it first.

I asked this before when asking about using them for heat in feet/legs. It seems like it isn’t that useful, that precise, and also unless you are really educated in physio and reading the heat signatures, you don’t know if heat in x spot is desirable or not, and may adjust something in the wrong direction.

My chiro body worker had one for a bit but gave it up as the results were not as useful as she’s hoped. We played with it once and she showed me how if I rested my hand on the horses butt for a moment, afterwards you could see a hand print hot spot on there on the phone. Excellent technology but so sensitive the opportunity for false positives was constant.

Ah, that totally makes sense!