Florida people

Considering relocating and I have a few questions if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

  1. Helmets…what are y’all wearing that has MIPS and also vents?

  2. What are hay prices like near Orlando/Tampa?

  3. Equine feet - I’ve heard that Florida can be super hard on equine feet, any top tips for care?

I’m sure I’ll think of more, but this is just a start. I’m already in an area that has super heat and humidity in the summer, but not for nearly as long, and the UV isn’t nearly as bad.

I wear the Tipperary Devon and have had no issues. Hay is expensive everywhere unfortunately. I have my horse on a 5 week farrier schedule and he is on a good hoof supplement.

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I wear a vented ovation helmet, not sure which model. If you end up with no covered arena, there are things you can add to block the sun. https://www.smartpakequine.com/pt/equivisor-5446?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=NB_Shopping_Apparel-Gear_3P&utm_campaign=NB|3P+Apparel_Gear+>+Accessories&gclid=CjwKCAjw3K2XBhAzEiwAmmgrAgVG7nF7cxEwsx19baFs6xGjB9er4YARpYQ8ULyzKor5mWMoxzJDFxoCtrEQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
I board so dont know actual cost of hay, but yes, expensive everywhere. Both my horses (at 2 different barns) get timothy hay.
I have not had a feet problem with any of my horses over the last 12 years. I get resets done on a 4 week schedule.
Bug bites are common, also have to be careful of summer sores. But mostly lucky there too.
I live near Orlando if I can be of any other help.

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Not from Florida, but I’m thinking of trying this Uvex MIPS helmet, which looks pretty well ventilated (also relatively inexpensive!).


I am in Central Florida (north of Orlando / south of Ocala) — use a One-K Defender helmet. Mine isn’t MIPS but they have them. I like them as I need an oval shape. As far as heat – if you can find a place with a covered arena that makes all the difference!!! It’s still hot and humid but being out of the sun is a godsend.
Re horses’ feet – biggest challenge is how wet pastures can be in the summer (rainy season). You need to keep a close eye on the pastures and their feet. Ditto skin crud in the summer. And as 2tempe said bug bites can also be a pain and if your horse is prone to summer sores that can be a problem. Regarding most of these environmental issues the first summer in Florida is usually the hardest and then they adapt.


Our horses get fed Coastal hay, which looks absolutely awful but the horses seem to like it. Our barn owner buys the stuff in big round bales. The bales are a pain in the tushie, but I don’t do the feeding.

Do whatever you can to keep your horses feet dry. My mare is on stall rest and her feet look great. My gelding still gets overnight turn out and his feet are kinda crumbly from being “moist” all the time. Frequent reshoeing is necessary because shoe nails rust faster!

Rain rot and other skin ailments are common. I moved here from Colorado and we NEVER had the skin stuff I see on a regular basis. Betadine scrub, Captan (used for rose fungus), and Coat Defense are your friends down here. You’ll pick up other cures and ideas as you go!

That said, I love it here in Florida.

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Careful with coastal hay, it can cause impaction if your horse is prone to it but I never had any issues feeding it, thankfully.

Dry stalls will be crucial to drying out feet when it’s super wet. Expect to loose some shoes. I believe people have mentioned rain rot.

My vets always recommended a monthly sand treatment (psyllium or psyllium/magnesium) if you’re coastal/on a lot of sand. Electrolytes in super humid/hot weather we’re also my friend for both equines and me

Ventilated anything is your friend, whether that be clothes or helmets.

Ride on the beach anytime you get the chance if you’re coastal :slightly_smiling_face:

Enjoy yourself!!

ETA: I’ve been in a different state for several years but last time I expected to pay anywhere from about $6-$15 a bale but that may have increased since. You can ship hay in from other states if you’d like to buy cheaper in bulk or different hay than coastal.

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I second the Uvex helmets - especially for Florida. They are much cooler than the other helmets I have worn in Florida. In addition, they way they adjust is down right wonderful. My daughter who has very long thick hair loves them as she can wear her hair in a bun without getting a headache. I have no hair and I find the adjustable straps quite easy to make a good snug fit on my head.


You’ll pay more for hay than you have ever paid in your life. Buy in bulk or go in on a semi load with a few other people. We supplement with coastal. I’ve never had a problem with it…some people have.

Yes, you will lose shoes. Best to find a spot that is relatively high and dry, and have the horses in during the wettest times. And keratex helps.

Flysheets, flymasks, control your standing water, keep your pastures mowed, use fly predators - this will help with bugs and mosquitos.

Some horses stop sweating in the hot hot months, even the ones born here. I’ve had luck getting them to sweat again with 24 hours turnout with tree shade, access to tubs of water, lots of salt, one a-c, acupuncture, balanced minerals, and removing alfalfa from their diet. I don’t know why, but this seems to work and I just say a prayer and put them on the program when I see that they aren’t sweating well.

Learn to love your sunshirts and drink more water than you think you need. Carry a gallon jug.

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If your horse doesn’t sweat enough, I’ve had great results with Perspire (can be hard to find but Tackeria in Welly has if can’t find anywhere else). It’s much cheaper than the One AC which vets recommend.

Also, Coat Defense makes a powder that is great for bug bites and itchy skin - used on minor sores as well.

Good stall fans are a must.