Fluffy topic: Latest colors for chestnut horse?

I know this question has been put out there before, but it never hurts to post again and see if there are new developments :slight_smile: It is likely my next horse will be a bright (orange) chestnut as 4 of 5 horses trainer and I are focusing on are chestnuts. Never having owned one, I know I’ll have to change from current dk red theme. What is out there that is NOT: royal/navy blue or hunter green? Would love suggestions and/or photos of classy colors for a mare. I’m thinking grey, but anything else that isn’t wild or neon…? My show coat is taupe with black velvet collar, so I’m thinking it is neutral and I don’t want to shop for another since it’s only 2 seasons old.

Goodness. Turquoise. Purple. White. Black. Gray seems really drab. Pink. Yellow (maybe). I think it depends somewhat on the color of chestnut - is it more orange or more red (sorrel)?

And what the heck is wrong with neon? :rofl: :rofl:

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Good point @Obsidian_Fire , I updated post above to say bright chestnut vs. dark red. I’m looking for something classic, which is why I said no to neon :slight_smile: I don’t want to draw too much attention to myself as the chestnut does that already! In passing I have seen more subtle pinks, like mauve/rose and jewel colors that aren’t quite teal or green. Or a grey pad with champagne trim, etc. So just gathering ideas.

I have a very loudly marked chestnut Paint going English.

Her best color is dark forest or hunter green. I think she would also look good in an olive green range but there is nothing available in our brands. Also taupe and browns and golds.

Interestingly a chestnut horse really is much less red or orange than it seems. I played around with paint chips once, pulled some at Home Depot and Walmart that seemed her color, and I was way off. It turns out the match has much more yellow in it and dilutes to, surprise, palomino blonde.

I don’t know if anyone remembers the seasonal color charts that were popular in the 1980s where you decided if your skin tone made you a Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring and chose your clothes accordingly?

Chestnut horses are true Fall colors so any fallen leaf (except red maple!) or faded grass color is a good bet. Duller blues and navy work too.

You can put jewel tone greens, blues, teals, on a chestnut and its OK too.

I am personally a true Winter in my color chart and look best in jewel tones including the red pink purple range but have had to llimit that in my riding clothes because those have to go with your saddle pad and horse, even if you aren’t being totally matchy matchy. :slight_smile:

I like lavender on chestnuts. Cream or champagne is also very pretty if you want a more conservative color


Mine is super super red. Without a doubt my vey favorite on her is black. I also really like her in emerald green, navy, chocolate brown, tan, champagne, taupe, and white.

My mare is essentially a M05 and I lean toward anything M18-M10. https://www.researchgate.net/figure/The-24-part-color-wheel-we-modeled-with-Winsor-and-Newton-pigments-It-is-created_fig1_332140263

My eye leans toward complimentary rather than analogous or monochromatic so I don’t personally care for yellow, red, orange, or pink on my mare. I’ve seen it done well and can admire it on other horses but never personally go that direction.

I’m not a purple person but I think that a royal purple (roughly HEX #3E0488) can be very pretty as well for schooling. Teal is also not a color I gravitate toward but I think HEX #048688 would be very pretty.

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I have a chestnut pinto pony that actually looks kinda good in his lavender Le Mieux pad. But I also think he would fabulous in their new Ink Blue shade; sort of a dark bluey/purple. Also I’ve always liked green and purple together (certain shades look better than others).

I’m sorry. Couldn’t hear a word you said over your horse’s markings. Could you mute them somehow?


Haha, that’s her running around screaming because she saw my car pull in. Loud in many ways.


Thanks everyone! Keep the color suggestions and brand names coming. I’m furiously taking notes!

Ok you asked for it…
I dug out my copy , I cant believe I still have it, of Color Me Beautiful.

Depending on the shade of chesnut., and also how easy it is to get certain colors .

According to Carole Jackson grey is not in the Autumn color palette . As well as black and white

Dark Chocolate Brown
Coffee Brown

Yellow Gold

Deep peach apricot
Dark Tomato Red

Lime green
Bright yellow green
Jade Green

Deep Periwinkle

These arent all the colors she listed and I know that some of these colors arent going to be easily found in saddle pads wraps etc unless you can get it custom.

A long time ago someone did a horse colors chart. I believe it was in a horse magazine but I couldn’t tell you which one. I may google and see if I can find it.

Have fun.


If you really want matchy matchy there is website called equest.com that has matching fly masks , horse boots and saddle pads and they sure are pretty.

Actually maybe my color advice is not the best. I’ve gone for navy blue and dark green on my chestnut paint and my riding clothes tend to navy blue and grey breeches, navy blue or dark green vests, and lots of light blue or black or navy or some green polo tops. I feel like it’s all age and color appropriate, but maybe it’s a bit too sober.

A few years ago a friend took some photos of me hanging out on horseback, kind of falling into chair seat and my horse very relaxed. And I though omg, something about my total look says Police Horse Patrol.

Then last fall, two separate families out in the park, non horsey new Canadians, asked me if I was a mounted patrol officer! I asked one why they thought that, and they said it was my helmet (Charles Owen lol). I also have prescription glasses that darken outdoors.

So yeah, all my advice about navy blue is probably wrong. Teal and bright green and other colors might be a better look!


I have a chestnut who’s pretty red and haven’t actually bought anything for shows that I want yet bc im too broke but I keep getting ads for this sparkly champagne color that I want sooo badly.

Also want the new sage LeMieux colors, and I have consider making super light baby pink one of our colors too!!!


OOoooooohhhhhh! :slight_smile:

I have two chestnut mares. The one in my avatar is a really deep (but not liver, more auburn) chestnut with just a slim Secretariat-esque star and snip and no other white. Navy blue is totally her thing. No, it’s not the most unique, but it looks fabulous on her. I also have a dark gray saddle pad with silver piping that really looks good on her. Brighter colors like teal are just too much contrast on her and are not flattering, IMO.

My other mare is a lighter chestnut with a big wide blaze and two socks. She looks good in green, and can go with a lighter color palette without it looking too contrasty. When I start showing her, I’m thinking a chocolate brown coat will look smashing. I’m also thinking she would look good in an orange pad/polos or even something bright like apple green for casual lessons or schooling.

If you’re willing to wait a few months, you might check out ordering custom Mattes pads from Hufglocken (they do custom girths, boots and bonnets too, if you really wan to go for it). They are offering 25% off right now, so you can get great quality fully custom pads for the same price as off the rack LeMieux etc. My latest purchase just cleared customs, and I’ve got an itch to order some of the above-mentioned fun ones now that I have my work pads and conservative show/clinic colors sorted. :slight_smile: Have fun!

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Love the champagne and the rose quartz too.

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I love to go to Sherwin Williams Color Snap app and use their color matcher to pull a palette together for my pony. Works great and hasn’t left me wrong yet.

I don’t have a chestnut, but love them in a navy/gold combo.


Both of mine have been very red chestnuts. Most of my stuff is hunter green, simply because it’s my favorite color.

But they’ve both looked absolutely smashing in a teal/turquoise, and I have quite a few things in that color now because of it.


I have a very red chestnut. He looks amazing in turquoise.

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