Flushed my first embryos this week!

Back in December I went to a reproduction school to learn embryo transfer. I’ve been ultrasounding my own mares for years but wanted to take the next step of learning how to synchronize mares and flush an embryo. I am still in regular contact with my veterinarian and she supports my activities and desire to learn more on the breeding end

I recovered 2 this week and I’m over the moon!
Anyone else do all of their own repro work? I find it SO rewarding to do all the “vet” work to breed a mare and then eventually foal out the baby.


How exciting for you!

Wow! This is so COOL! Congratulations. I hope you will keep us updated, how cool to be able to be so involved and hands on in your breeding program.

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I have 4 mares lined up to breed Monday/Tuesday so that’s a Wednesday/Thursday flush the following week. Hope I have more good news. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Awesome! Congratulations.

I have a question- what ultrasound machine do you use? Just looking to start doing my own repro checks and inseminations for my on farm mares. Maybe some day I will be brave enough to do ET… ICSI…

Thank you for your time.

Really cool! As one breeder said " Nobody wants to get your mares pregnant more than you do".( Much more exciting than learning how to graft tomato plants. HAHAHA!!! ) And being able to do embryo transfers - that is a huge cost savings from paying somebody else. I am impressed!

After having a Pie Medical 100 for years (which was like having a desktop from the 90’s :rofl:) I upgraded last year to this Sonoscape. I was skeptical because it looked like a tablet with an ultrasound probe but it’s worked really well. Easy to use (I’m just scanning ovaries, measuring follicles, checking uterine edema and of course, preg checks.) it has batteries and they last me 4-5 days checking 8-10 mares a day.
This spring, one of the two batteries that came with the machine stopped charging, Exodus Breeders overnighted me a replacement when I called, no questions asked and I didn’t have to return the old battery. I’ve been very happy with it, great price point and perfect for our small operation.


If you’re looking for a good course for learning ultrasound, breeding with fresh, frozen, deep horn, flushing embryos etc, The Breeders Assistant is out of this world.
David is an unbelievable teacher, it’s half class work and half hands on. You’ll be ultrasounding mares, learning to set catheters, how to flush embryos and even how to package them for transport.
In addition to the initial school, David makes himself available any day or time for when you need help. Anytime I’m having an issue, he will immediately FaceTime so he can see my ultrasound in real time and we can work out a plan for my mare.
Plus, they allow you to come back to any portion of the school for free after you’ve initially taken the course.
I wanted to try and learn embryos because I had a local repro vet do one for me last year and the total cost ended up being almost $9,000 and I bred the mare and we have the stallion on premise so no stud fee or shipping charges. :face_vomiting:
I figured if I could be even 25% as successful as the vet, I would still be ahead of the game cost wise.
Anyways, I’m rambling. If you have ANY questions about where to go to learn more, feel free to reach out, the breeding aspect is almost more fun than being a horse trainer!

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