Flushed my first embryos this week!

Back in December I went to a reproduction school to learn embryo transfer. I’ve been ultrasounding my own mares for years but wanted to take the next step of learning how to synchronize mares and flush an embryo. I am still in regular contact with my veterinarian and she supports my activities and desire to learn more on the breeding end

I recovered 2 this week and I’m over the moon!
Anyone else do all of their own repro work? I find it SO rewarding to do all the “vet” work to breed a mare and then eventually foal out the baby.


How exciting for you!

Wow! This is so COOL! Congratulations. I hope you will keep us updated, how cool to be able to be so involved and hands on in your breeding program.

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I have 4 mares lined up to breed Monday/Tuesday so that’s a Wednesday/Thursday flush the following week. Hope I have more good news. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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