Flushing Out Gum After Tooth Extraction

My horse had a fractured tooth and today, the vet removed the small piece that had broken off (top right).
There is still 3/4 of the tooth left, but there is a sizable hole where the removed piece was.
The vet told me that I need to flush it out every day for at least a month while it heals over.

How do I flush it? Is there a contraption I can purchase?
Or do I need to configure something with PVC pipe?

Please help!

I had to flush a mouth and I was given a large syringe for that.

I would go to the feed store or Tractor Supply or whatever and get a pack of the big syringes. The 60cc ones should be good, and that one even has a nice long tip. Fill it up with warm water, stick it in the horse’s mouth, and flush. Repeat as needed. :slight_smile:

You want one of these :slight_smile:


A plain ol 60 cc syringe with a catheter tip will do, but if you’re going to be doing this for awhile, a drenching gun will be much easier :slight_smile:

just get a 50cc syringe or dosing syringe, id use a diluted solution of chorahexidine solution, the vets use that as well as a mouth flush, and just squirt it lower in the mouth, not a hard press-- dont want them choking or swallowing it, though it wont hurt , it wont do what you want either… chorahexidine on amazon is cheap … 13. for a gallon, you can use it for a ton of other things as well… the horse will mouth and help you out !

I bought a cheap 1-gallon garden sprayer for around $10 @ Lowe’s. Then added water and chlorhexidine as recommended by my vet who specializes in dentistry. You don’t want them swallowing chlorhexidine so it was very diluted. This method was easy to use and clean. My old TB had a tooth pulled and this is what i did every morning and night. Chlorhexidine is my go-to for any skin issues and for so much more.

Use a needless syringe and shoot the water in there.

Or you could just go to the nearest Dollar Store and buy a plain old turkey baster.

Like this one Walmart has for $7 but is probably cheaper at the Dollar Store.


Or ask someone in your family for an old one they don’t care about anymore and it’s taking up space in a kitchen drawer:)

I get tubing for the syringe. That way you only have to put the end of the tubing in his mouth instead of the whole syringe. You can boil the tubing if it’s silicone to clean it or just buy lots and don’t re-use. It’s cheap.

The drench gun is the same principle.

When I paid the dentist to remove a tooth from my former BO’s old horse, I used a turkey baster from my kitchen to flush out the cavity. It worked great.

yup turkey baster and salt water

dont wear long sleeves

Had this happen couple years ago. Warm water, salt, chlorhexadine - enough to turn the water light blue. Flush, twice a day. Used a 60 cc syringe. But anything along those lines would work (the turkey baster sounds easier to squirt!!).

I did not have to do it for months - only until the gum line closed enough that food getting caught was no longer an issue. I think I did this for 2 weeks.

I just use the hose. Luckily my horse loves to play with it, so it was easy to let him put it in his mouth and chew on it a little while the tooth was flushed.