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Fly Bites, Rash, Or Something Sinister?

Hi everyone,
I have a warmblood gelding whom I recently moved from a large boarding facility with dirt paddocks to a smaller facility with grass turnout. Since moving him, I’ve noticed that he has these strange scabs/bumps on the underside of his jaw (in the V right in front of where the throat latch on the bridle rests). No tack sits there (his fly mask goes across the area but doesn’t touch it), so I’ve ruled out a tack rub. The area seems really itchy but not sore, as he lets me clean it and apply anti-itch cream with no problem.

Could these weird bumps be fly bites? If so, does anyone have any recommendations for preventing or treating them?


Gnats. Grab some swat and apply regularly. :slight_smile:

Gnats. Grab some swat and apply regularly. :)[/QUOTE]

Yes. Nasty little bloodsuckers. They are unrelenting. Get some SWAT and use liberally…it really is the best product for this issue.

Uup, gnats. Also check inside ears, girth/under belly area and around and just in front of the sheath. Fjord pony, but not OTTB also seems to get bitten just above the tailhead (and then starts tail rubbing.) Swat, aloe gel or when they are really bad, I use diaper rash ointment with aloe— it stays on longer and helps heal too. A little messy unless you use a fleece girth cover, but works best for keeping the gnats off IME.