Fly bonnets for MASSIVE ears?

Hello all,

My mare is the appropriately named “All Ears”

She has massive, human head sized ears (check out those bad boys here and here.)

Seriously. They’re ridiculous. Fortunately I seem to like moose horses. I simply cannot find a nice fly bonnet/ear net/ whatever that will fit her giant ears! I want a nice one for the jumper ring that can hopefully be embroidered with farm’s logo or whatever, so that means the crochet ones are out. Any brands for horses with particularly large ears that you’ve seen?



All ears!

Your mare is adorable! I was expecting donkey ears though! Hers are just generously sized hang-on-able ears! Have you tried the Pessoa ear nets? They’re made with stretchy fabric. My little gelding has rather large ears and fits nicely in the pony sized ear net. So I’m thinking your mare’s ears would easily fit in the horse sized ear net!! They’re not super cheap but the quality of the Pessoa ear nets is really superior. Washer and dryer, easy care, and quite attractive. I love mine!


First of all, your mare has ADORABLE ears.

Second, De La Coeur is having a contest right now for a custom bonnet:

Crochet bonnets would work, as Talisman or De La Coeur bonnets have 4 way stretch ears that can be custom sized to your horse. Just order an oversize or take ear measurements. The ears or bonnets can be embroidered, I have seen plenty of nice looking embroidered bonnets.

For instance, look at this horse’s ears:

Goodluck! :slight_smile:

shameless plug over

Aw shucks. Thanks for loving her ears as much as I do. I love that I can fit my whole fist in there to scratch them :winkgrin: I totally decided I wanted to buy her when I saw her ears flopping about in her sale video. I didn’t need to see anything else.

[QUOTE=Kitty;6489506]generously sized hang-on-able ears![/QUOTE] I LOVE this! So true. They’re like handlebars on a bike. I didn’t realize the Pessoa’s were so stretchy. I might have to try them.

TopKnot, love the plug! Those fly bonnets are gorgeous!! Definitely checking them out now.

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Have you tried the cheapies from smartpak? They have enormous ears as far as I can tell. Either that or the few horses that wear them around here all have extremely dainty ears…

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Ooooh, this subject caught my eye, but I’m thinking of REALLY big ears. Is there such a thing as fly bonnets for mules? My friend has a 16.3 white mollly mule, she does mostly trail riding on her and the flies are nasty this year. I went out and rode her a couple of weeks ago and I spent a fair amount of time leaning waaaay over to try to get the deer flies off her GARGANTUAN ears. I think there’d be more ear than bonnet on something that fit her.

As a mule owner, I can confidently inform you that there are, indeed, ear bonnets for mules. Cashel’s regular masks and their all-black mesh “quiet ride” masks are also available in mule. :slight_smile:

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The smartpak custom bonnets fit my mule-eared mare quite well…To give you and idea, her turnout mask is a mule. She is a 15.3 dainty TB. As a result, the fly bonnets made for bigger ears came down towards her nose but the ears fit!! Plus I lied the fact that the custom smarptak bonnets were only 35 bucks!

Oh, cool, thanks for the info! I’d not ridden a mule before and I just looooove her, so sensible compared to a horse, I swear those ears hold extra gray matter ;). I’ll go track down a mule sized mask and get Miss Mule a present.

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If your horse has thicker ears, don’t buy one of SmartPak’s custom bonnets…I bought one, was really excited, and the ear holes are too small. :no: They are more than long enough, about 3" long enough, lol. But, they do not fit all the way down to the base of Tiger Lily’s ears…maybe she just has fat ears.

If you want measurements, let me know! I would be happy to measure mine.

Sanswill Designs can do bonnets with extra-large ears. I was worried my jumper might need extra room in the ears so I measured her ears and sent the measurements, and my bonnets fit the mare perfectly!

These look like they have stretchy ears too. It is cheaper than the Pessoa one… That horse in the picture has decently sized ears too :wink:

Has anyone else used this ear net? Please give the OP a review for larger-eared equines!

Before I start a new thread, can anyone suggest bonnets for a horse with huge ears? I’m scared to start ordering and sending back bonnets for my petite mare with the mule ears…

My Hanoverian mare has large ears for her size. I’ve generally ordered custom with longer ears. De La Coeur (mentioned above) is fabulous! If you’re looking for a lower price point, FUN Bonnets and the Hangry Mare on Etsy have both been excellent value. All of these use a very stretchy ear material and will add ear length to a standard size bonnet.

I have not found much off the shelf that will work. Equifit has super stretchy ears and kind of works but it’s a squeeze. Dover, SmartPak, Lemieux, Equestrian Stockholm, etc. are all no goes.

My 18 hand Hanoverian has huge ears, to the point where nearly everyone who sees him comments on them. The PS of Sweden bonnets fit him great!


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