Fly Masks with Big Ears

So, I did not think my gelding had exceptionally big ears, but I am having a heck of a time finding fly masks that don’t rub the tips of his ears! Currently, the best fit is Schneiders Ultra-Flex Comfort Plus Pull-on (lycra) but even that jjjjuuuuuussssttttt fits his ears without pulling the lycra up off his poll and the seams still rub the tips of his ears. I like the lycra type with fine mesh as he wears his fly mask 24/7 (he lives out with a run-in stall) right now unless I’m riding him. He does also wear a fly bonnet when I ride him, but he is DRAMATIC about bugs in his ears. I’m working on getting a bigger fly bonnet for when we ride, but he wears that far less than his turnout mask. I am thinking of looking at mule masks at this point!!

I’ve tried the SmartPak lycra masks and the ears are WAY too small, even oversize. I tried the the new Rugged Ride lycra masks and the seams around the eyes rubbed his face. I looked at the professional choice lycra masks and it looks like the mesh is not fine enough to keep the gnats out. Anyone found something that works great?

This might work:

I’m hoping to find a brand that has a generous ear size before I have to go full mule. He is not actually a mule, so these will be HUGE.

Aw, come on Mom! Time to buy the mule mask, and custom sew the ears!

I end up sewing masks all the time just to fix them. My guys live out, and they have their masks on 24/7. They enjoy tearing them off each other occasionally.

Take the mask, turn the ears inside out, trim it to a generous size, cut and sew.

I agree with ASB_Stars, customize his mask with ears that fit. We have Cleveland Bay crossbreds, and their ears are beyond enormous! I have to replace fabric ears on ear covers and the fly masks needed for the broodmare. Tack store did mot have WB size masks, but Large Mule was there so I got it. Tried it on her, shortened the ears for a no-rub fit. Just needed a few stitches and cut off the excess fabric.

We usually have everyone inside all day, but husband wants baby out in the sun to run about. Mom needed ear covers for being outside and the mule size worked for her. Big ears hear you better!

I just got some new masks for my herd–Weatherbeetas–and the ears are enormous on my Arabs. (I even bought cob sized and they were huge.)

Rambo masks seem to have large ears in my opinion. They are big on my warmblood’s ears and have extra room in the tips. Spendy, but I like them. Here are her ears, not muleish, but not small either (IMO):

The Cashel ones in Warmblood size fit some very big but not quite mule sized ears.


I agree. The Cashel mask I have the ears are too big on my Friesian x that has what I thought were biggish ears.

I also have a Weatherbeeta Lycra mask for my TB. I think it’s ears are generous but less so than the Cashel.

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Ditto on the Rambos having large ears. I think the Amigo line (also by Horseware Ireland) has “generous” ears too. :slight_smile:

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I have an Amigo fine mesh fly mask that I use for hacking. The bag actually says on it that it has generously-sized ears. It’s accurate - I have a TB with “regular”-sized ears and these ears are huge on him and flop over to the side :laughing:


This is what the WB sized Cashel riding mask looks like on a WB with normal sized ears (he had an eye infection from the flies and had to borrow my big eared WB’s mask). :joy:


Also agree Cashel warm blood sized with ears is very generous.

Makes my horse look like the Easter Bunny has come for a visit.


I got one of the stretchy bug-eyed masks from Smart Pak. The ears were waaay too small (yes she has big ears, which my father often points out). I ended up trimming off the upper 1/3 of the ears.

I didn’t think the ears would last long that way and assumed I would just end up removing them all together. We are a few weeks in and so far so good. She is very, very easy on all of her horse wardrobe items, so this is probably exceptional.

I am kind of proud of her big ears, and have not missed the opportunity to tell everyone about the required modifications. This includes all of my non-horsey friends, acquaintances, and coworkers. I think it’s cute!

I like the mask bc it has Smart Core Technology (ooooOO), which supposedly keeps them cool. Even better, the blue matches her fly sheet. This is the stock photo, which obviously does not show upgrades for horses with awesome ear sizes.

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I have both Amigo and Rambo fly masks. I can try and get pictures of them on with ear closeups tomorrow… they are both generous in my opinion, but I think the Rambo is moreso if my memory serves. Amigo lasted 2 years almost to the day before one of the ears ripped off. Rambo is brand new, so cannot comment on longevity, but if it comes close to or outlasts the Amigo, then I think it’s worth the $$.

Rambo mask has huge ears. It’s a really nice mask too.

Are the Rambo masks the ones that have the wire to hold it off their eyes? I’m leaning toward grabbing a Cashel since I can get one locally. If that still doesn’t work, I’ll go from there. Thank you everyone!!

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The cashel mask barely fits my ASBs ears, the weatherbetta mask is very generous and his ears don’t even close to touching.

It’s pretty easy to modify the ears on fly mask, I make them smaller for my hackneys tiny ears.

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Yes, the Rambo ones do stay off the eyes with the wire! I’ve had mine for a little over a year and it’s doing pretty well, I like it a lot. The ears, and honestly the whole fly mask, do run larger so it’s not tight at all IME

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The Bucas buzz off DELUXE fly mask has nice big ears, and is very sturdy. Well into the second season and no repairs needed so far!