Fly sheet for the long and low mare

Hi all -

I’m in need of a fly sheet for my mare, and need help finding something that will fit her. She’s little (just under 15 hands) but long. Her blankets are all 75 or 76, there might be one 78 in there.

The attached photos show the typical problem: in anything long enough to fit her, the neck opening is too large, the whole thing slips down and pulls tight over her lower shoulders. This is the SmartPak cooling fly sheet, size 78. The 75 was way too tight up front. Help??

ETA: Something as cool as possible with a neck cover would be best.

More photos

Have you tried the Rambo? It’s fit several different body types well for me and holds up well.

I’m local to you and have a lightly used 75” if you want to try something before you buy.

My little hot dog pony wears a Rambo. It’s not perfect - but the V front clips and the neck cover help keep it in the right position. He wears it essentially 24/7 and no rubs ever!

my suggestion also, we have some very hard to fit horses but the Rambo sheets have worked well. We do also use the neck hood with these.

So Far. knock on wood, none of the horses who wear them have torn any (two years now)… they will rub off their fly masks however so then its hunt the paddock or pasture for the precious mask

Shneider’s Tack sheets maybe?

I’d also recommend Rambo. Not only does the v snap front just tend to fit a whole lot better than the t connectors, the actual fabric (of the protector, at least) is a lot more sturdy and won’t relax and pull like in your picture.

I also find them to run very long in the back which might suit your horse just fine.

Hi everyone – is there a particular Rambo fly sheet you are talking about? There seem to be several choices.

All but one of her turnout blankets are Rambo Supremes (yes she is spoiled!) and I love the V-closure on them. It does hang a little low but not too much.

The Schneiders with the adjustable neck could work. I remember trying one, years ago, and I did not like the stiff mesh fabric.

The protector:

I use the Fly Buster (I believe it’s also called the Defender) -

The Protector is the same cut and fabric. The difference is that this model has Permethrin in the fabric to reduce bugs without spray. We’re right by wetlands and get terrible mosquitoes, which the Permethrin helps with.

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Happy ending here: GreyDes and I met, and she gave me her old horse’s fly sheet. It fits Feronia really well other than the neck being a bit long.

Also, someone asked about a lycra fly mask with a zipper. Here’s the brand. The Lycra isn’t holding up extremely well but so far so good. They seem to run a little small.

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Yay - so happy it worked for her!