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Fly spray misting system nozzles

Just curious I am just replacing some of the clogged hasco/danfoss nozzles from my fly spray misting system and I have noticed there are several other types, I was curious if anyone had used the other types and had a favorite. The only other person I have talked to that had a fly misting system that had the “Slim line” misters said they clogged all the time, that person was sort of a drama queen so I am not certain if what I have may be the best or the worst. Just curious

here is a link to what I am using now https://www.valleyvet.com/ct_detail.html?pgguid=bbd4127b-00b4-4f5e-9a00-05fbbc7691a3&itemguid=482849c6-364c-4d5a-b970-227c93cb9666&sfb=1&grp=F000&grpc=F500&grpsc=F510&sp=f&utm_content=41526&ccd=IFF003&gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAjwp4m0BhBAEiwAsdc4aMnXFe-wVrm6eRgLC0wrEMehgZY4WzdejOIosDuxQdTJeq1fqYlpABoClOkQAvD_BwE

I have a Pyranha system and have used it for a number of years ( I can’t remember how many but more than 5). I have only had one nozzle clog in this time and I replaced it with another Pyranha nozzle. I haven’t tried the other nozzles because “if it aint broke don’t fix it” mindset.

The Piranha type misting nozzles you linked are very easy to disassemble and clean. Two wrenches and a bowl of white cleaning strength vinegar to soak the pieces overnight.

that is what we have been doing for several Decades, we installed a real Piranha Spray Master misting system in 1993 (the complete 55 gallon kit with hoses and nozzles including the spray mix cost then was under $500 including motor freight shipping)

Most nozzles have been replaced if not all but we have years of service without issues, we do change the filter that is on the pickup from the drum regularly and flush the drum before refilling

Ooops I have never cleaned the filter. I guess I had better figure out where it is. Good to know about cleaning the nozzles. Next time one clogs I will not discard the nozzle and try to clean it. I have never flushed the drum because it usually has too much in it when winter hits and it is a huge pain to move. I probably should do that too.

I do not believe the filter is cleanable at least the ones we have used are not, we replace it

I haven’t replaced it either.

The filter is in the barrel, hanging on the end of the hose going up into the pump. If it is submerged in fly spray you can just pull it up by the hose to look at it.

Before I realized there was a filter, mine built up so much crud that the suction partly imploded the metal screen and the bottom seal came off, so I had no filter function at all. That was when I learned all about how to clean spray nozzles.

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I found mine. OMG it was covered in gunk and I don’t know how the nozzles have not stopped up. At one point the lid to the barrel slid off the barrel depositing a bunch of hay into the newly filled up barrel. I fished out as much as I could with a net but looking at the filter I did not get all of it. I ordered new ones and unscrewed the old one and cleaned it so I could use the system in the meanwhile. This is a good thing to know!

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