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Fly/UV sheets

I was wondering what are the best fly sheets that also have UV protection. I have a dark bay/black horse that i would like to keep from fading but i don’t want him to over heat. (i live in the tri-state area) Any suggestions on good blankets? Opinions on belly bands? I was originally thinking of either http://www.sstack.com/horse-blankets-and-sheets_fly-sheets-sun-protection_soft-mesh-fly-sheets/micro-mesh-poly-mesh-bellyband-fly-sheet/ or https://www.sstack.com/horse-blankets-and-sheets_fly-sheets-sun-protection_mosquito-mesh-fly-sheets/mosquito-mesh-bellyband-fly-sheet-17283c/. Any experience with these?

I’ll be following this thread with interest as I’m also shopping for a fly sheet with SPF. I’ll need a neck protector as well. My horse is dark bay and spends a lot of time outside. I live in the deep South. The sheet I bought for her last summer was OK but gave her shoulder rubs so would like to avoid that this time. I like the looks of the second one the OP linked as my horse sweats like a fiend.

I’ve tried a number with my black horse and my favourite by far is the Rambo. He doesn’t get too hot and it really stand up to his field buddies and daily rolling. I won’t buy any other brand anymore.

“Tri-state area” applies to a lot of places in the US!

The Kensington Fly Sheets have become my favorite after some trial and error. But even those I can’t use all summer where I live-- the horses just get too hot when the humidity ramps up.

I had a Schneiders Interlock Mesh belly band sheet and the horse who wore it seemed to get particularly warm.