Flying Changes Dressage Coats

I know, I know not the cycle of hell but the UK based coat maker to the stars and others. Anyone have experience with having a coat made with them? I’m contemplating it as my other coat, ahem no longer fits and I can explain the cost with my year end bonus bucks. I’d like to get back to shows this year and imagine having a nice and well fitting coat will help.

Thoughts on timelines, quality or how the sizing/fit determination went, or basically any and all thoughts would be much appreciated!

Every one I’ve seen is stunning in terms of workmanship and details - although some people make more bold choices than I do. I think the natural fit is a tiny bit on the snug side, so speak up if you want it to fit looser.

I would highly recommend them! I deal directly with them in UK and all of my jackets have fit perfectly. Fabric selection is great. In their earlier days I sent them my measurements and the jacket fit perfect. They now have an app based body scanner that you can use on your phone and send the measurements to them. Again, perfect fit. Time wise, it took my last jacket this fall about 5 weeks which I think is pretty good for a custom jacket.


Thanks for the insight on your experiences with them. 5 weeks is a lot quicker than I was expecting!

What did you end up selecting for coat fabric? Concerned about having to show in the heat quite a bit, so any guidance beyond ‘not wool’ is helpful.

I have coats in their Flying Changes fabric (lightweight slightly stretchy and washable fabric) and the Tess fabric (looks a little more wool like but very light weight with a little stretch). I live in NC and have shown in both in the heat and humidity with no problem.