flying dogs from Europe?

I recently got an ex-racing greyhound, so have been following some sighthound message boards. Some adoption groups that have started bringing galgos from Spanish rescues to the US, and they’re limited by flying dogs on passenger flights. They’re really eager to have people volunteer to attach dogs to their Madrid to US flights - they pay the dogs’ airfare and handle the dogs at each end. Each passenger can attach two dogs to their ticket, and only four dogs can be on each flight.

Anyway, I know you can FedEx horses and I’ve heard of entire groups of polo ponies being flown from Argentina. Surely there’s a more efficient way to fly groups of dogs from Spain to the US, or from elsewhere? The one group I know of will also take sighthounds from the Middle East, and presumably elsewhere if flights can be arranged. Does anyone here know of anything? It can’t be harder to move dogs than horses, right?

that sounds similar to what the potlicker dog rescuses do,out of Puerto rico…sounds like the least expensive way to go

I have a galgo. He came from Spain last year. Yes the least expensive (and it was still pretty expensive) way to fly the dog is with a flight patron willing to attach a dog or two on their flight. Another option is donating miles to the rescues. American Airlines credit cards usually have a bonus for joining that’s equal to a round trip flight to Spain.

Here is my galgo. He loves to share pics of himself napping.

Oo you have a fuzzy one! All the napping made me laugh. I think friends thought I was crazy when I got my greyhound and kept telling them he didn’t stand up long enough to get a picture.

I’m really surprised it isn’t cheaper to have a bunch of crates on a pallet like they do with the horse stalls.