Foal at Boarding Barn - am I going to go crazy?

We are currently renting dry stalls from a neighbor as our barn is under construction. Barn is quiet, but has a plethora of volunteers and a handful of boarders. What is the best way to communicate staying OUT of my mares stall/paddock and to not touch the foal without offending? I was thinking a sign on her stall door? How would you word it?

I understand babies are exciting but some of the people are very, very green. At the same time I do not want to hurt their feelings.
Mare is a maiden, so add that extra complication.

I am thinking an electric fence in front of the sign warning them to not touch

Any chance of being able to install some web cameras in the stall to monitor at your will?


I assume since you are renting dry stalls, you are doing your own care?

I think I’d write something like

Please do not handle, feed, or pet mare and foal. If you see anything that needs attention, please contact (your name and number) immediately.

Maybe a line with some explanation that they need special handling, but I think the more you write the less likely it will be read. I would probably also make sure whoever is in charge of the volunteers and boarders knows your wishes.


Cameras are in stall, but unfortunately I cannot see the door with the way we placed it. :woman_facepalming:t2:.

Yes, I do my own, full care. We did have an issue in the beginning with one of the volunteers going in the stall to “top up” waters. Barn owner spoke to her, but the barn owner is away more often than not.

add another camera that is switched on when the stall door is opened …might need to just switch the camera’s power on off having this feed recorded … add sign tell the people you will be recorded opening the door

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Sign that says “mom and baby need to bond. Please do not touch! Do not enter stall!”


Something along the lines of ‘new mothers can be aggressive’ - ??


While I agree with @Obsidian_Fire’s idea for a sign, you’re still going to have the I Know What I’m Doing maroons who will ignore that.
Same for @endlessclimb 's sign.
Because: Stoopid (the maroons, not the signs :wink:)

Aside from making opening the stall door or pasture gate complicated, I can’t think of any sign that will deter the Brainless & Rude.

I’d honestly put a lock on the door.

A lock could be dangerous if there’s a fire…



Mom and baby are bonding. Video surveillance is being used.
Thank you for your understanding,


I might be inclined to post a sign saying, “If I find out you have entered this stall and/or fed or handled these animals without my express permission, I will end you.”


Or maybe “look but DONT TOUCH.”

Foals have such an allure, it’s hard to stop people from ooohing and aaahhing over them. Touching through the stall bars is ok (imo). Going into the stall is a whole 'nother matter.


To go with the sign, I think it makes sense to communicate with everyone you know there that you do not want people in their stall/paddock. The more people that know the rules the better chance that someone not following them will be noticed and called out.

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