Foal is an odd color

Dam is Grulla roan sire is buckskin, baby is ??? Can only post one pic per post, as I’m new… I thought he was just buckskin or dun but his eyes are blue, of course I know they’ll fade to brown later but wasn’t expecting blue/grey eyes at birth so makes me wonder if he could be grulla or even smoky? Would love to hear more experienced breeders opinions! TIA!

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Dunskin. That’s my bet.

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Something fun! But you won’t know for sure until his baby hair sheds out. And duns /buckskins can have some color shifts in the first year.

Dorsal and leg stripes also express to different degrees on different horses.

Buckskin is Bay plus cream, grulla is black plus dun, so dunskin is very plausible. It’s a lovely color.


I think we need more photos. I mean, more cuteness is never a bad thing.


The blue looks like a normal baby blue and yes, it will darken. True blue eyes are more like sky blue.

We really need more pics (I know you’re trying!).

How old in this pic? If a day or 2, then he’s bay/black as a base. Given the lack of ear tips, ie his ears are all one color, I’m guessing he’s grulla BUT, if we can see his back to see if there’s any dorsal stripe, or legs to see if there’s any striping, that might help


Lovely face. All foals have bluish grey eyes, they’ll change soon enough.

I’m thinking buckskin, but that’s just because I can’t see any sort of dun going on, but he’s light enough he could be dunskin (buckskin with dun) but more pictures would be required.

The lack of ear tips/outlined ears suggests he’s either red-based (like palomino, which is why I was wondering how old he was in this pic), or grulla.

I can’t see anything about his face which suggests a bay base.

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I wonder why OP DD’ed all the posts bar the first? Not like it was a contentious topic.

I assumed the OP was struggling to post photos, so it looks like they just deleted a bunch of stuff, but I thought maybe it was them deleting their photo posting struggles.

that’s what I think too given the “can only post one pic per post as I’m new” comment

I thought I saw some darkish ear tips and mane in the picture, that’s why I’m leaning towards buckskin. Back on the breeding farm I used to work on, none of our palomino foals had that type of dark eartips, except for maybe one, who had a lot of darker points on her, and they were usually much redder looking (I remember parting manes looking for the “white” to show up), not so “blonde” appearing like this one!

Awww, that is a sweet face. I hope you come back and post photos when he sheds.