Foal Patrol 2022

Per FP update. Full bag overnight, and slight waxing. Sounding promising.

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She looks about as ready as a mare can be. Plus, there’s a storm roaring through Lexington. That will help.

She does look ready. Flehmen’s posture again too.

She seems like a sensible type. I like her.

Definitely looks like Spanish Bunny is feeling uncomfortable tonight. Maybe I’ll be able to stay awake long enough to watch this one. :smiley:

She does enjoy her hay. :blush:

Lately watching Bunny has been my way to wind down and get sleep for the night! Lol

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Looks like “go” time now. The feed keeps freezing on me; I’m not sure if that’s because of the weather (storming here and in Lexington) or if too many people are watching. :confused:

It’s freezing for me too. I was just coming to ask if it was looping for anyone else

It’s completely frozen now for me

Yep. Completely frozen. We’re probably missing the whole thing; that’s just how my luck runs!

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We’ve got a foal! and an orange cat in the stall.


Sure enough, the feed came back up right after it was all over.

WTH?? I was looking just minutes ago and she was just standing there and there were about 10 people watching. Go back now and there’s a foal and over 100 people watching. Anyway, happy it looks like an uncomplicated birth.

It’s a lively one!

Yeah just saw there was a foal! Sucks to miss it (after many hours of watching) but glad all is well!

Mare is having a snack while waiting to deliver the placenta. or has that happened yet?

The live feed was stuck looping that clip of her standing for about an hour.

It looks like she’s already passed the placenta.

Good. I didn’t see it happen.One less thing…