Foal Patrol 2022

Is anyone watching? Traveling Tiger is first up. Due in just a few days.

Foal born! Looks spunky.

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Missed it by 2 hours!

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Me too, @Joanne! I stayed awake as long as I could but fell asleep just before the real action started, apparently.

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I know that this is off topic, but I do not want to start a new topic for this. Here is the amazing Almond Eye with her new baby- what kind of bedding is that? Shavings of some kind?


what an adorable filly

Filly was just bouncing around the stall. Looked like she hit some mat and wiped out. Then she laid there for a bit like “I meant to do that.”

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That kind of looks like paper with hay or straw mixed in. Definitely strange looking, but does remind me of the shredded paper my gelding was on for a while.

Interesting. Thanks!

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Enable had her first foal, a colt, by Kingman.

Yep been watching! Saw traveling tigers filly be born. (Impatiently) waiting on Spanish bunny!

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Not on Foal Patrol, but Midnight Bisou had a lovely bay Curlin colt over the weekend :sunglasses:


They have the camera up on Elate now, pretty girl.
I am guessing that’s not the foaling stall and just a regular stall?

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Think Spanish Bunny might go tonight (famous last words.) Obviously can’t see udder etc… just watching video from above. Membranes haven’t gone yet, but having had 6 foals, I’m guessing she may go.

She certainly enjoys her hay. She seems like a good sort, cool attitude and attractive mare.

Night watch just checked her udder. Hasn’t wrapped her tail.

Flehmen response!

I’m curious about the amount of light this mare is exposed to. Are there mares under lights nearby? I would think in a barn this large that they would be separated from the foaling mares.

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I’ve been watching her every night before I sleep, I thought two nights ago was it lol. She seemed uncomfortable and was walking/ kicking at her belly, nope.

Foal patrol posted an update that she is showing early signs now, hopefully soon!
I was wondering, all the other mares go into night vision and hers is always on.

I was wrong (again.) I thought that Flehmens was a good sign she was starting.

I understood that keeping a pregnant mare in the light would extend the time of foaling by as much as 10 days. Can’t remember where I heard or read that, but it was a good source. It is something I never encountered when working for breeders.

Looks like they’re keeping her in today.

I can’t really tell what is happening with her now. The live feed isn’t working for me.