Foal Sales at Goffs TB Auction

Boy, they sure don’t bother prettying them up, do they?

On the other hand, they are Frankels, so they probably don’t need to bother.

It’s winter, they’re in Ireland and they are babies. Why would anyone clip? :smiley:

No doubt they’ll be turned out frequently, if not live out.


I mean I’m glad they don’t clip the babies during winter in Ireland. Or pull manes for that matter either. Chances are they don’t have a ton of handling experience and I wouldn’t want to rip out mane that early in their lives just because it would look prettier.

As Skydy said. They will probably go straight back out into a field after the sale.

Yes, right back out into the field. I think it is great that no one thinks they need to be “prettified” to sell well. Buyers apparently go on breeding, and conformation and walk (as much as you can go on those last two with babies, since things change with growth).