Foal Toys?

I’m on the hunt for safe foal toys for a overly curious and independent 2 week old filly. Does such a thing exist? My little girl is the only foal on our property and patient mom’s just not cutting it as a play thing, nor are the only other creatures we’ll let in her big field, the equally patient sheep. Alas, obtaining another foal isn’t an option right now (says my grateful husband!).

When not in her stall, she spends time in a smaller paddock or in a 2.5 acre grass field. She loves to run and I’m more concerned about her paddock time (required when the field is too wet or it’s raining). Does it make sense to provide her with a toy to help her play and, if so, what have people successfully used?

Thank you!

I usually foaled out 2-3 babies each year I bred in order for them to have playmates. As luck would have it, one year I only had one hit the ground. He was an exuberant colt and his mother was a saint. I got him a couple of those huge jolly balls and they were his friends. He played with them for hours. As he got bigger but before weaning I got barrels that he would play with as well. He was weaned at 8 months and put in with a pony who was my weanling baby sitter (raised several babies for me).

Thank you! Do you mean the big ones without the handle that have covers like these or the ones people hang in the stalls?

Barrels! That’s something to look forward to… :laughing:

The ones with the handles, not the ones that you hang.