Foaling alarms / alert devices?

Hi. I ran a search but couldn’t find any discussions on foaling alarms/alert devices within the last 5 years. Which modern ones are your favorites? Do they work?

I’ve looked into FoalAlert (a little $$$ for my single foaling mare) and Foal App and am not sold on either. Suggestions? Thank you!

We’ve been quite happy with the Foalert system, but we use it across a number of mares which makes the cost more palatable. It’s also not our only safeguard – we also use milktesting, cameras in stalls, and someone physically in the barn when we are really close. But, foalert has been a great addition to all that.

I’ve never used one, and since I followed the milk testing advice that used to be in the FAQs at the top of this forum I would only spend one night in the barn: the one the foal was born. As I recall it relied on the mare’s temp and the calcium level and pH of her milk. The milk had to be diluted with distilled water, but could be tested with Pool and Spa test strips, so easy and economical. I would start testing mare’s temp and milk calcium and pH as soon as she had any milk to offer. In the 4 pregnancies I used it for, absolutely accurate!

Thank you, both! I have the milk test strips on my purchase list and the cameras are already here. My camping gear is ready to go. I only wish FoalAlert rented their boxes or there was a solid but more reasonably priced (for one horse) alarm option. On the other hand, having that extra piece of mind on a maiden… It may just be a smart investment?

Maybe look on a few of the classifieds/facebook groups/etc - you might find a used unit for sale from a retiring breeder?

That’s a good idea! I’ve decided to purchase but would appreciate a little cost savings. Thank you!