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Foaling out/after care breeding farms and hunter stallions?

Hi experts!

I have a friend with a mare who is nearing the end of her competitive career. She may be a little old for a maiden, currently at 14 - please advise.

She is by Clintissimo Z (Clinton) out of Sandro. Her jump / movement could both be improved upon but this is by no means an average horse with several major national titles and wins under her belt. The resulting foal would not be sold and would remain with the family for the rest of its life. I am withholding too much additional information for the sake of the owners privacy.

My questions are the following:

Are there places in the US that will take mares for later stage pregnancy, foaling out, and more natural mare/foal herd management until weaning? Spy Coast? Anyone else?

Can anyone suggestion stallions that may improve upon this mare? Lightness, rideability, balance, and jump, in that order of importance. Color absolutely does not matter.

Thank you!!!

There are breeding farms all over the US that will foal your mare out and raise the foal. Where do you and/or the mare live?

Yeah, strongly recommend that the coal is raised with other youngsters.

Lots of good programs

As others have mentioned, there are lots of places that offer this. I think I might know of the horse mentioned and if so, I’m too far away to have useful recommendations in your area but I believe there was recently a thread where someone was looking for this more in your area. If you’d like, I can send you the link or tag you in it.

Are the owners willing to try frozen or would they like to stick with fresh semen? Fresh semen would probably give you better odds with an “older” (although not too old) maiden, but if you have an experienced vet frozen could still be an option and I have had luck with frozen on a maiden.

A couple of fresh suggestions, if you’d like frozen suggestions as well I’m happy to throw them out as well. I would personally avoid any additional crosses to Clinton. The stallions suggested here are all FFS negative, but if you want to use a stallion that isn’t tested or is a carrier, you’ll want to get her tested as well if you haven’t already. I believe her sire is not a carrier but her dam could have been.

A few suggestions to check out, some are younger and others are more proven:

  • Diktator vd Boslandhoeve
  • Con Capilot
  • Cabardino is #2 in the leading hunter sire rankings for the year and listed as available fresh but he is well into his 20s now so I would check on that. He is also not a big horse, if that matters.
  • Selik Nikko
  • Requiem J&F Champlanc
  • Vindication S
  • Carry on MF
  • Bliss MF (also may not add size, I think)
  • Balta’Czar
  • Maximus at Redfield (although I keep getting a warning when I try and visit their website)

There are also some Argentinus sons that are very nice but I don’t know that they will give you the lightness.

An out of the box suggestion but I think Harvest at Hilltop looks interesting with some good jumping blood.

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We’re in Texas, the family is not super keen on sending the mare away long term, but understands how important it is for foals to grow up with other babies in a safe environment with handlers accustomed to mare/foal upbringing.

If you can find that thread that would be super helpful!! This family doesn’t really want to send her far away for such a long time.

I’m not sure about fresh vs frozen, probably will be more dependent on which stallion we decide is most suitable for her to improve upon her type.

To my knowledge she has not been tested for FFS, but that is a really helpful insight. I’m sure I could “google it” but are there other important things to test or look for before the family goes down this path with her?

Thank you for this list! That was very kind of you to take the time to gather these names.