Font glitch

I’ve just noticed a thread that shows up in the lighter/thinner font in the list of threads in a forum, which usually signifies no unread replies, when there are actually replies I haven’t seen yet.

I’ve only noticed it with one thread so far, but it keeps happening with that one. Very odd.

Is it possible that you have that thread Muted by accident? What does it show up as when you click on the bell icon by the thread?

This is what it looks like. But I don’t actually see the green circle with the number of new replies in it like the other threads.

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If you refresh, does it update to how it should be displaying?

I’ve noticed that periodically I have “new posts on this thread you’re tracking” bubbles on threads I’ve never even opened. Refreshing clears that up. Seems to be a glitch in the software. Curious if you’re seeing another element of that.

No, refreshing doesn’t change anything.

Well now for some reason, that same thread is behaving normally for me, but the same thing is happening with other threads. :woman_shrugging:

Any chance you’re signed in on another device? Like, you usually browse on your phone, but you have a thread open on your computer?

I think you can sign out all devices from your profile. Maybe try that, and see if that changes anything?

I pretty much just use one device on the BB.