For Fun - Rank your Area's courses from Hardest to Easiest

This may be fun.

Rank your area’s (or whatever you frequent) XC courses/venues on difficulty.

Based on your experience, how would you rank them. You can split by level or not, however you want, just for fun and to see perspectives.

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This is fun!
My POV comes from someone who has been competing T/M/P the past few years, and coaching at BN/N/T a lot the past few years. I find the variance within BN/N courses to be negligible, so my ranking is more for Training and up.

Area II
Southern Pines HT in March - very soft! Great first outing of the season.
VAHT - softer, inviting, good move up course
Fair Hill HT - on the softer side, good move up
Loudoun Hunt PC HT - average
Old Tavern HT - average
Seneca Valley PC HT - challenging for the level
Morven HT - the fall HT has been challenging the past few years
Plantation HT - only been here once, it was challenging for the level (Prelim)
Carolina HT in March - very challenging

And MDHT is all over the map! I’ve had very challenging courses and very soft courses at Loch Moy. They really change up their courses every time so it’s hard to say.


Area III
1 Sporting Days - Very friendly, use as a move-up or to regain confidence
2 Full Gallop - Friendly jumps, maybe the footing adds some difficulty
2.5 River Glen- Average
3 Poplar-Average
4 FL Horse Park- Average
5 Rocking Horse- seems to ride a touch bolder than Florida, but encouraging.
6 StableView - I think the courses are fairly average, but the atmosphere seems to add a level of initmidation
7 Chattahoochee Hills- proper water combinations, may get the ditch & wall or tough ditch.
8 Red Hills- My favorite Prelim course.
9 Pine Top - suits a brave horse

I go to Aiken more than Ocala so maybe don’t have an appropriate jusge of these events :slight_smile: And I think any of the last four may be switched around to the time of year. The Feb PineTops running a bit tougher than the March. The SV opener in January running very friendly compared to Oktoberfest.