For fun: What have you gotten for an absolute steal of a price?

Yesterday I walked into my local feed/tack/consignment store for supplements (which I did not end up buying, I could not stomach paying for $25 more there instead of buying from the dealer) and walked out with a Vespucci double bridle for $50!! It said cob on the label but when I pulled it apart it was labeled as full-- got a little worried about it fitting my little guy and thought I could just resell it, but what do you know, it fits!

It got me thinking: what’s the best deal you’ve gotten on something in this ridiculously expensive horse world? I’m a bargain hunter at heart and can’t pass on a REALLY good deal.

I’ll start:
Bridle mentioned above.
DeNiro dressage boots (stiff, brushed leather, not even broken in) for $350
My Trilogy Verago which fits both my horses and me almost perfectly was $550. It was listed for $1250, I called the lady just for more information and she told me she rode in it at dressage nationals and for the Gold medal and was more concerned with finding it a good home. I was going to throw down $750 but she spoke before I did!


Horse related, a brand spanking new pair of Ariat field boots in my size for $60.

Non-horse related, I’m into costuming & a few years back, I walked out of a thrift store with a fully lined, boned and bustled reproduction of an 18th century french court gown in blue silk for $30. You couldn’t buy even a quarter the material for that new. Found it in wrapped in a trash bag in a bargain box.


A pair of brand new Toggi country boots for 30$ - they come around 225$ in the stores! Somebody had bought them, the boots didn’t fit, had sat in their home for a year or so and they decided to re-sell for a surprisingly low price. Good for me, been wearing them for 2 years now over hard terrain, while riding and in wet conditions - still going strong with no repairs!

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A Schleese jump saddle for $900 that I flipped for $2500.


I LOVE a bargain.

At a consignment store, I found a pair of Koenig dress boots with good zippers in my size for $50. I almost yelled out loud.


At a yard sale - a pair of show worthy Ariat Volant tall boots, an almost new Ariat tall boot bag, and a pair of Herm Sprenger spurs - paid a total of $50 for all.

Sold the boots for $350, the boot bag for $75, and kept the spurs. Not a bad return on investment.

A two horse trailer in working condition for $200.


I got a rambo sheet for $10. A fancy schmancy h/j was closing - I walked with a few bits and bobbles but the rambo for $10 was my highlight. It just needed one strap repaired and a fresh waterproofing. I also got a pair of Petrie dress boots for $100 from a kid who quickly outgrew them. Ended up selling those for $300 and bought another pair of (slightly bigger) Petries for $120 from a western consignment store.

Do you really want me to get started? BAHAHAHA.

We just attended the latest PRARG saddlery sale and immediately start saving cash for the next one. EVERYTHING we buy is a bargain better than said above.

The best was probably the fully mounted old style County Dressage Saddle for $60.00. OMG you just sink in it and could do sitting trot for hours. The young girl didn’t know what she had. It had sat in her Mum’s living room for 30 years.

Over the years, lunging equipment. $20.00 each. Including rollers, cavessons and side reins. $1.00 for the lunge rope, just after hubby didn’t lead as I said and broke ours.

Bridles from $5.00 to $20.00. I won’t pay more.

Dressage gloves I am into the 2nd year with this lot for $1.00.

My white sticky bum competition breeches $10.00

White dressage numnahs $10.00

Showjumping free cell saddle numnahs with gel pads in them $25.00 each.

Shadecloth combo rugs and winter combo rugs from $5.00.

Padded reins $5.00 each.

Books and DVD’s from $2 to $5 each including the gold medal rides at the Olympics when Valegro won.

My girth for girthy horses $20.00

A signed cap from Carl Hestor.

Riding shirts $5.00 including one signed by famous people.

We went to the last sale on Sunday. They have 2 a year.

PRARG SADDLERY SALE yesterday. It was in the afternoon. We arrived 15 minutes before it was supposed to start and we were late so we probably missed out on a lot of bargains!

We did get quite a few bargains though.

A picnic gazebo for $5.00.
Books for $2.00 each.
Free a set of bell boots, a tail wrap, a hoof pick with brush, a boot removal beetle, and a grooming kit.
$ sign rump template $2.00
Hat $5.00
Hat $10.00
Leather gaiters $10.00
Winter rug combo $40.00
An air cell saddle pad $50.00
Various other rugs for $5.00 and $10.00 each.
Fly veils $5.00 each
A gel pad I haven’t seen the type of before $5.00
2 x bibs $5.00 each
And a full length tail wrap $5.00

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Years ago, I found a lady on craigslist selling a Delgrange for $300. When I called, she said she had had numerous inquiries but everyone wanted her to ship it and she couldn’t be bothered. It had sat on consignment at the shop for a year for $2500 and she just wanted it gone now, come get it. So, I drove the hour and picked it up. It was in beautiful condition and a superb upgrade from the beat up old Crump that I’d convinced my mom to buy me as a teenager.

A handful of years later, I traded it for a Schleese Pouvoir since it didn’t fit my current horse. I know Schleese aren’t for everyone but I loved that saddle - I was sad to sell it a few years ago.

Friends of ours GAVE us their old JD bush hog last year. It needed some minor repairs, but it’s a workhorse.

I got two brand-new Skito dryback pads, with inserts, at a yard sale for $5 each (they are $300+ new). It was all I could do to keep a straight face long enough to pay the woman.


Forgot a couple - a Rambo cooler in the blue and white stripe for $10 at a tack sale. In excellent condition, just needs to be washed.
A complete stud kit for $30.00
A Stubben Porthos saddle for $150 on ebay (used it for several years and sold for $350)

Most recently a Red Barn dressage bridle complete with blingy browband and reins for $30.00.

Both my horses! Hahaha, I’ve paid more for their saddles than I paid for each of them. I got my first straight off the track for $300 (no, I did not forget a zero). This horse has took me to schooling prelim and some intermediate. My newest guy I got for 1500 and he’s just getting started, but he’s more fancy than the older guy and I’m sure I could sell him for 20x what I paid for him.

I’ve paid less for my 2 guys than most people pay for 1.

Which makes me bargain more on other things. But yes my saddles where gooood deals (pretty much got a 2 for 1 deal last time, but it was more than the horses they go on).

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Well in that case I bought my fancy can take me up the levels boy for $1,500.00.

The other 2 were given to us.

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I found a pair of brand new Cavallos for $150. They were just a smidge too narrow for me, but that’s what a boot stretcher and gussets are for. I still smile when I wear them.

My finest moment: finding a $700 Sarm Hippique show coat on Poshmark for $50. I think the seller had no clue what it was.

The other day I got an Edgewood bridle for $50 because it didn’t have an Edgewood browband. Did I need the bridle? No. Did I buy the bridle? Absolutely.

And about five years ago I got a super nice wooden Beval tack trunk off Craigslist - with a cover that was miraculously in my barn colors and not embroidered - for $200. I’m moving so I’m going to sell it to a barnmate for the same!

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I got two horses - one was free and the other was reduced from $2500 to $500. Both were the best horses ever. They were exactly what I needed when I needed it. They passed away years ago - but they are still very loved and missed.

RIP Tetonia Anna Marie “Nisha” 1961 - 1994
RIP Sharpe’s Diamond “Shiloh” ? - 2012


Bought a 5 OTTB from a 4-H kid for $3K whose parents “bought her a horse.” Since the OTTB was right off the track, the girl couldn’t ride him. DD worked with the horse and various trainers for six years. She sold him and paid for law school. Horse’s new owner blogs about him. He lives a very good life.

Second example but not quite on point: I organized a clinic for a well-known mounted archer who wanted to ride out with the hunt. Clinic was packed, everything went well, and the clinician had the chance to ride with the hounds --a life-long dream. When the dust settled, I sent him a certified accounting of the clinic, all expenses, all receipts accounted for neatly and signed by my DH (CPA). And deposited his money into PayPal per our agreement. Apparently he never got around to looking at the accounting, and about a year later asked me what the money was for that I’d put into PayPal.

I explained.

He seemed a little vague, then said, based on what I see, you [organizer] took nothing for yourself.

Yep --true, but I did get a “free” three day clinic with one of the best in the world (because I didn’t charge myself anything.)

He said that didn’t seem right --but I was ok with it.

A year later (this spring) two years after the clinic --I received a handmade quiver of the unique design I use (belly cross draw) that he made for me! I was GobSmacked! It is truly a work of art --and it draws really smooth! That is the nicest gift I’ve ever received from a handsome young man who wasn’t my husband!


Just about everything horse-related I own was an extreme deal!

I think the biggest “steal” would be the fact that most of my horses have been free, and the only ones I’ve paid for have been very cheap. I’ve owned dozens upon dozens of horses in my life, but the most expensive horse I have ever purchased (not counting shares in racehorses) was $450 from an auction. Yet I’ve taken these free and dirt cheap horses to some of the largest shows in the country, like Devon.


Not horse related, but one time I found $6 of cash in a coat I paid $5 for at a thrift store :sunglasses:


a dog who paid for herself, our golden retriever dug up a diamond and gold brooch