For the celeb equestrian followers out there, Brandi Cyrus (Miley's sister) is refreshing

This won’t be everyone’s cuppa, and to be honest, I don’t even know how I stumbled upon this, BUT Brandi Cyrus has a piece in Sidelines on her love and history with horses.

Brandi, for those who don’t know, is sister to famed Hannah Montana actress/singer Miley and daughter to country singer/mullet-wearer Billy Ray.

Anyways, kind of a nice perspective to hear someone who clearly comes from wealth being candid about the costs of the sport. Also so rare to have a “celebrity” that also rode on a college team/got her start in pony club.

Also, not the point, but: I find the stylized photos of “impeccably groomed horse and girl wearing ridiculous gown” that pair these types of articles is a bit overdone (even though everyone in them - horse and human - looks great!).

Enjoy this frivolity on a Friday!


I’m guilty of being a celeb equestrian follower.

I’m in LA. They’re everywhere!

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She is a lovely young woman. Her parents bought a horse from me years ago, and it was fun to watch (via the internet!) the progress that she made with him. Many years later, we did a TBT thing on our Instagram page, and it tagged her. She was so sweet and personable


Ooo I love stuff like this. I used to live in LA, too.

I love the unsuspecting ones, like Mavis Spencer for example (meaning if her last name were Woodard it would be more obvious). Her story is pretty incredible. From groom to the top riders to her first Nations Cup appearance (and has to be the first woman of color on the team??).

I also think it’s pretty neat that they probably feel like the blend in at shows. We all wear the same clothes and they are surrounded by people who are also rich and famous (and those of us who aren’t, leave them alone). I’m much more likely to swoon over Scott Brash or Beezie Madden than say, Kaley Cuoco.