For those with low blood sugar issues

I have a question for those who deal with low blood sugar.
I just recently found out I had this problem when I went to the ER feeling terrible and found out my blood sugar was at 53.

I was in the hospital for a few days and then sent home with a glucometer. Since being home I’ve had a few lows (lowest 64)
My question though is, do any of you ever feel low when your not? For instance I will get all the symptoms but I’ll test and my sugar will be in the low 80’s. I don’t get highs.
I’m confused and new at this lol. Thanks!

I have battled hypoglycemia in the past. What I did to help understand what the different feelings meant was to constantly take my blood sugar and record it. Eventually I could trust that I understood how I was feeling and what it meant was happening in my body. When my blood sugar has been out of whack (meaning I have not been eating correctly) my body will respond with a stronger response. If it has gotten used to being high (because of too many carbs or sugar) then when it lowers to a respectable number I may feel like it is low only because I have gotten used to what it feels like when it is high, if that makes sense. Once everything evened out I could tell you if I was in the normal range of 70-100 (what I was told to stay within), anything below that came on hard and strong for me and was unmistakable.

I have also noticed that if my sugar is too high I can sometimes mistake it for being low. That is the headache, blurry vision, etc, though when it is really low I get the shakes/tremors in my hands. It could be that right now you are still just trying to find your new neutral and understand how to get there and what it feels like.

My best recommendation is to just start recording your numbers frequently throughout the day, what you have eaten and when you ate to start figuring out how everything affects you.


Thanks for the advice! I’ve been checking it about 5 times a day. I was told they want me between 75-110. Just constantly learning right now!

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My husband is diabetic, sometimes he feels low in sugar when sugar in his blood decrease too quickly, even if he’s not really low.

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I’ve dealt with hypoglycemia since I was a teen…diabetes runs in my family, though I am not diabetic and don’t have high readings (yet). I’ve basically been diagnosed as having both reactive and fasting hypoglycemia. They don’t really know why…except that I have some inflammatory GI issues and dumping, and my hypos do seem to be worse when I am having more GI flares. I did a 72 hr fast to test for an insulinoma…I did drop below the required number at 60 hours, but didn’t meet the criteria for an insulinoma, so they couldn’t really explain why I dropped either.

I have a CGM…but had to stop using it as the adhesive was giving me major issues. And it was just making me crazy when it alerted multiple times a day.

You may get symptoms if you drop really quickly…which can be common with a reactive hypo. Even if you didn’t go super high, you might drop faster than your body can correct for. That will cause those same symptoms. I typically drop to low 60s a few times a day…if I am not paying attention or my GI is being extra annoying, I will drop into the 40s. Usually I am aware (definitely with the really low drops)…but I am not always aware with the drops to the 60s.

It’s a lot of trial and error to see what foods set you off. As in my case it’s not the food as much as it’s how my GI absorbs (or not) and how fast food moves through my GI system. Protein and higher fats help me be more stable, but I need some carbs to keep it balanced (oddly enough, ice cream will stabilize me faster than anything, which make almost no sense!). I’ve actually had major drops while I was in the middle of eating a full meal, so sometimes it can be really hard to find the triggers. I carry glucose tabs and am know as the person who always has snacks when traveling with friends. Trail mix is a good option to keep around as the candy/dried fruit part can get you back up quick but the nuts will stabilize you (otherwise you start the roller coaster ride).

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I don’t know if in US the product is available with the same name but my husbands has a medication called Glucosprint that really helps him with his hypos. It is a medication meant for athletes but his doctor advised him for it. Each dose brings his sugar up of about 30 units very fast and it avoids the hypo-hyper rollercoaster

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Since I posted this I’ve had the full work up. I was in the ICU for 3 days and had the same tests done that was ruled out. Been diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia and been wearing a CGM (waiting for my next shipment currently) I usually drop into 60’s and 50’s but have had a few drops in the 40’s. I’m slowly learning to live with it and yes these kind of rollercoasters are no fun!

So glad you are figuring out what works for you and learning to live with it! That is all you can do

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If you don’t mind me asking, are you on any kind of birth control? I’ve had hypo issues when my hormones were out of whack. It was constantly crashing a couple years ago, finally figured out it was something to do with the birth control and stopped once I got off it.

Then earlier this year I started having some crazy hormone swings right before my period, would have at least one hypo crash if I wasn’t careful to eat every two hours, visual migraines, panic attacks, all the week before and during my period. It’s eased up for the most part after started a new anxiety med, though I still occasionally have issues the week before my period.

Point being, it might be worth looking into hormone related stuff. Your hormone levels changing can really mess with you in ways a lot of people don’t realize.

I don’t mind at all

No I’m not on any birth control. I have noticed my sugar is definitely more wacko in the week before my cycle but it goes low all month long.
I’ve been working with an endocrinologist and gonna start a medication to see if it helps. Still figuring it all out!

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Fingers crossed you can figure it out! Blood sugar crashes seriously suck. And I know I always just feel rotten the rest of the day after one too.

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