For those with low blood sugar issues

I have a question for those who deal with low blood sugar.
I just recently found out I had this problem when I went to the ER feeling terrible and found out my blood sugar was at 53.

I was in the hospital for a few days and then sent home with a glucometer. Since being home I’ve had a few lows (lowest 64)
My question though is, do any of you ever feel low when your not? For instance I will get all the symptoms but I’ll test and my sugar will be in the low 80’s. I don’t get highs.
I’m confused and new at this lol. Thanks!

I have battled hypoglycemia in the past. What I did to help understand what the different feelings meant was to constantly take my blood sugar and record it. Eventually I could trust that I understood how I was feeling and what it meant was happening in my body. When my blood sugar has been out of whack (meaning I have not been eating correctly) my body will respond with a stronger response. If it has gotten used to being high (because of too many carbs or sugar) then when it lowers to a respectable number I may feel like it is low only because I have gotten used to what it feels like when it is high, if that makes sense. Once everything evened out I could tell you if I was in the normal range of 70-100 (what I was told to stay within), anything below that came on hard and strong for me and was unmistakable.

I have also noticed that if my sugar is too high I can sometimes mistake it for being low. That is the headache, blurry vision, etc, though when it is really low I get the shakes/tremors in my hands. It could be that right now you are still just trying to find your new neutral and understand how to get there and what it feels like.

My best recommendation is to just start recording your numbers frequently throughout the day, what you have eaten and when you ate to start figuring out how everything affects you.


Thanks for the advice! I’ve been checking it about 5 times a day. I was told they want me between 75-110. Just constantly learning right now!

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My husband is diabetic, sometimes he feels low in sugar when sugar in his blood decrease too quickly, even if he’s not really low.

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