Ford Maverick?

Is anyone else aware of Ford’s new compact truck for 2022, the Maverick? I’ve been idly shopping - let’s put that in quotations, actually - “shopping” for a tow vehicle for the past three years since buying my single horse trailer.

I had narrowed it down to the Honda Passport or a newer Kia Sorento but just learned of the Maverick recently and am intrigued by the idea of a truck which will tow a small horse trailer yet will also fit in my garage AND not be a beast to drive in the city (which it would be doing 99.8% of the time).

The interior looks pretty original compared to what I was seeing in the Passport, too. For the base model (you’d need to upgrade to the AWD and tow package), it seems surprisingly affordable as far as new tow vehicles go.

Could it be a contender?

It’s still very new, people who preordered are still waiting. My local dealership won’t have Mavericks to test drive until late November. They are a great price the bare bones model is $20k, I think I’d want the lariat edition. I don’t think it’s great for towing tho, I remember reading on Reddit. I’m not good with towing specs, so check them out.

The Maverick hybrid will be my next vehicle.
Love the idea of a hybrid full cab short bed truck.
I drove an F150 for many years and really enjoyed it as my daily driver.

I highly recommend reading the /Maverick subreddit on Reddit. Tons of info and actual owner

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Clearly I am not the demographic for this truck. Because when I hear “Ford Maverick,” I immediately think of our family’s 1970s harvest gold chariot:



@AllTheCarrots we had one too! Except ours had a sweet vinyl top.



To be honest, I’m not sure I’m their demographic either and I don’t even remember this original Maverick!


Great tip, thank you. I’ll go check out that Reddit forum shortly! I will say, I wish they had something that could function as a hybrid the 99.8% of the time it’s not towing and then have that ecoboost engine for the remaining 0.2%.

But I agree on wanting the Lariat, the Deluxe (?) package would also be hard to turn down for the heated “leather” seats.

ETA: Regarding the towing, my trailer is a small one at about 2000lbs and carries a 400lb mini so we’d actually fall comfortably within this vehicle’s towing limits (4000lbs with the appropriate tow package upgrade). A regular 2+ horse trailer and one or two full size equines? Not so much :slight_smile:


I only clicked on this thread because I saw “Ford Maverick” with “Towing” underneath the title and had to find out who on Earth would consider towing with a Maverick and are there any Mavericks out there that are still running? :rofl:


I am planning to order one of the Mavericks next year. I figure they will have most of the new model bugs worked out by then. Low price attracted me, though I will add the navigation, perimeter warning options to the basic model. Seat covers work here! Ha ha Not too many options or there really won’t be much in savings. I do not plan to order a towing package or AWD, we have managed fine with 2wd for years in the snow. Wish it came with a manual transmission, we love manuals. My inherited Taurus wagon from Mom, does very well with front wheel drive, weight over the tires keeps moving us forward. I expect no less from the Maverick. No more shoveling snow into the box for added weight!

This will be mostly for running around town, picking up the 800# grain order sometimes. 2002 Taurus is getting old, yet we often need need something that seats more than 2 people. Other trucks are 2 seaters. One is quite big, used for the trailers, big loads. The other is a 2004 Nissan Frontier, from when they were small. It has a 6ft bed, good mileage, great for many things, but only 2 seats. Great gas mileage on the Maverick is also a bonus for husband who does many day trips of 100-200 miles.

I expect you “can get away with” towing the small trailer and small animal inside. Do consider your very short chassis length. Short equals less control when the wind smacks the trailer, like with passing semi trucks, violent thunderstorms. This is why towing with Jeeps, smaller SUV type vehicles is not recommended. If the “tail starts wagging the dog (towing vehicle)” it is REALLY easy to lose control of steering. I see people doing it, going at higher speeds on the roads/highways, scares me to death!! I personally know two people who flipped, towing one horse in a 2H trailer. Had been doing it “for years” with no problems, until they flipped. It was THAT fast!

Consider if you can stop the trailer should the trailer brakes go out? If the trailer starts pushing you downhill, can you stop then? Brakes can go out on even the best maintained trailers, surprise you.

Just speculate on bad scenes, consider if the small truck can stay in control then?

PROBABLY nothing bad will happen, but stuff happens to someone to make up statistics and all those scary stories that happen to a friend of a friend.