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Forming new group to get owners more involved…thoughts?

In a Blood Horse article, MR proposes owners become more involved, along with ethical trainers and vets, in improving the health, welfare and longevity of horses and jockeys. Refreshing an owner this successful for so long is speaking up

He makes some very good points, IMO, many that have been discussed on here. His observations and opinions regarding pushing young sales prospects too hard, too fast (a single furlong at 9.3 as a demo?) and depending on the tracks to do the right thing despite their need ( and conflict of interest) to fill the races are thought provoking.

But…not a racing insider. What do those personally, closely involved think?

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The articles


Thanks for the links mommy p


Why aren’t owners already involved? I don’t understand investing millions of dollars, or even thousands, in an animal and not being involved in its career. A horse is not a corporation.

The horse might not be but it’s ownership is often partnership, LLC or corporation depending on a third party to manage the horse.

Will be following this, thanks MP.

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