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Fort Wayne, IN

Does anyone have any recommendations for boarding barns / trainers in the Fort Wayne area? Specifically looking for a barn that shows the A/AA circuit and provides decent care.

I did a search and didn’t find much on old threads.

I actually grew up about an hour north of FW. When I lived there, it was basically AQHA shows/rodeos or bust.

I believe @Foxglove lives in northern IN and might have a few recommendations. I also recall Fox Run Stables in Shipshewana hosting a few H/J shows in the area. Location-wise that’s probably pretty far, and I don’t think they do many rated shows, but they might have recommendations for people closer to Fort Wayne.

Sorry I can’t help. Not any stables that I know of doing what u are looking for.

Kress Creek Farm? I grew up riding with Anne in a different part of the state. Haven’t seen her in a decade and I’ve never been to this farm, but she was kind to horses and humans alike.

I know this post is old, but I thought I’d share some recs. Kress Creek is a great facility in Roanoke. They’re mostly hunters/eq, but they do some jumpers as well. They tend to stick to the local shows with some further A shows mixed in. Black Dog in Marion is also solid. They do more of the Kentucky/Ohio/Illinois A/AA shows. If you want a Florida AA barn, Indianapolis is the way to go.

Thanks! I ended up deciding to haul to Ohio for help.