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Found horse to buy, but leasing another..?! Advice appreciated!

Hi, I’m new to the forums, so I hope I’m not posting this in the wrong place. I’m currently leasing a horse for another 3 months. He’s also for sale, but I don’t think he’s the right horse for me to buy. So, I found another horse for sale who I think could be a great match. He actually used to be at my barn, but moved to another barn for the past year and a half, and I’ve heard wonderful things about him. I want to contact the owner and try him out a couple times, but I still have 3 months left on this lease and I don’t want to breach the contract. On the other hand, I don’t want to wait 3 months to find out that this other horse has been sold.

Does anyone have any advice? Has anyone purchased (or thought about purchasing) a horse while leasing another? I don’t want to be double paying, but I don’t know of another way around it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

What does your contract say about ending the lease?

As Laurierace says – what does the contract say? Usually there is a notice period for termination. If not, OP can always negotiate a “buy-out” with the owner. That being said, my impression is that the OP has merely heard of this horse and has not tried the horse. I would make that my first priority. How many threads have appeared on this board where the “dream horse” turns out to be much less? If the horse does seem to suit, be honest with the seller about the situation and the need to resolve this lease issue. Finally, consider the lease issue separate from the buying issue. OP, are you getting anything out of the lease right now? If you are not, then end the lease now regardless as to whether the “dream horse” turns out to be suited to your intended use. If the lease horse is “okay”, then consider continuing the lease and looking until something more suitable comes along. It may or may not be this other horse.

If you try the horse and you really like it, and want to purchase…pay board for 2 for 3 months. Its just 3 months, not forever. This is, unless you can end your lease early.

  1. Read your contract and see what your options are to terminate early.
  2. Don’t pass up the perfect horse because you will have to pay for 2 horses for a few months.