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Four Step Mounting Block

Does anyone know where I can find a four step mounting block? I need a taller then usual one for someone who has arthritis in the hip. The only one I’ve found is in the UK and would cost more then three times the price to ship it. I can’t believe that I can’t find one in the states?

Ours are all hand built. I don’t know the cost, they’d be done by volunteers here.

Find a local carpenter and have them make you whatever you like.

We have some we made out of scrap metal.
The frame is square tubing, the steps expanded metal and they work great.
Any welding shop could make you some.

Remember, the taller you make a mounting block, the wider the base needs to be to be very steady and the heavier it will be.


I made mine. 4 steps high with steps on both ends of the platform. This way I can walk the horse into place and then go up the steps by his head to get on. It was very easy to make because you are dealing with straight boards and 90* angles. Materials cost about $20 IIRC.


I made mine with a friend, and very little expertise between the two of us. I just went to Lowes, bought 2x 4-stair risers, and built around them, with a small platform at the high end. It works great, both for getting on and off my giant gelding. Took maybe a half day, and I was even able to use some scrap to cut costs.


Freedom Rider Tack Shop http://www.freedomrider.com/

They sell therapeutic riding supplies and have 4 step mounting blocks. They also sell plans for mounting ramps.

I have built my own mounting block in the past. It’s not that difficult. However, I did not consider it to be in the least bit portable, unlike the polyethylene which can be carried/drug around fairly easily.


We built one, as dismounting is also a thing when you’re not a spring chicken any longer!

Ours is similar to this one, the ‘deck’ is bigger, I just liked having a bit more room up there for dismounting in particular



I’ve seen people on here post about finding 4-step mounting blocks for less at an RV supply place (sold as RV steps).


There is a local barn that re purposed a set of concrete steps, like you would put in front of a house. Amazing as they are super stable and being solid safe for horses. Nice reuseable choice if you can source some?

Ugh, subbying

This is only a three step but it’s pretty tall and quite sturdy. I bought it after having an accident this winter that made mounting/dismounting a challenge with my tall mare. This is by far the least expensive price I’ve found:


When I was in America (many years ago) I remember seeing taller plastic mounting blocks, so they do exist pre-made. There are so many online tack stores/eBay/Google now that I think you could find something out there.

As others have mentioned, building one yourself isn’t terribly hard. Or maybe you have a local handy-man or builder that could make one for you.

:lol: them tall horse struggles, eh?

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I admire all those who built their own… I just bought a picnic table at Home Depot for $100. It is the mounting block and a nice place to sit.

When my DH was recovering from a hip replacement, two big step-ups onto a picnic table seat and then onto the table top would have been too much :wink: four small steps felt much safer.

Take a look at boat steps, also called dock steps. I found that a 3-step boat step was taller than a 3-step mounting block (I have a 17.1 and a 17.3)

They also make 4-steppers, and you can even get handrails for them. They are made to be outside, and are fairly light to move around.

Check out Todd, or West Marine.


The Tack Room in Camden, SC has them! I got mine around two years ago. It’s super tall and lovely for getting on tall horses. Its the same material as the plastic 3 step ones, so i can move it easily if someone isn’t cooperating with getting near the block, unlike with wood ones.
They ship too. Not sure how much that would cost to ship, but it was around 250$ for the block and it is so worth it.


Thank you so much for this thread. Lots of great ideas and resources.